Margaret River - A very special place

CaveWorks Eco Centre and Research

CaveWorks Eco Centre 

CaveWorks is a world-class eco interpretative centre designed to help you learn about the formation and history of caves within the region, throughout Australia and around the world.  Featuring various educational displays and an interactive model of a cave, the centre offers universal access so all visitors can experience the life-like cave model and observe replicas of the delicate formations found in the caves on the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge. Children will love the “cave crawl” - a simulated tunnel that enables them to safely experience tight spaces found in wild caves.  CaveWorks is also home to an operational laboratory which is used for speleological (cave) research. Highly regarded academics and researchers regularly use these facilities and can, on occasion, be viewed at work.  

A free pass to CaveWorks is included in the price of a cave ticket (for Lake, Mammoth or Jewel caves).

Educational Programs

A new interactive, educational tool has been launched which aims to enlighten students about the fascinating extinct megafauna, geology and biodiversity of the natural environment, as well as the culture and heritage of the South West. details a variety of educational programs available at CaveWorks and provides an interactive and engaging forum which focuses on the five central themes examined in these programs – Megafauna (literally meaning big animals), Biodiversity, Culture & Heritage, Climate Change and Geology.


For information on the fascinating research being conducted in the areas of hydrology, palaeontology, biology and climate of the caves, please visit our caves research page.