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Cabernet Sauvignon: discover Your Margaret River Region’s flagship wine (story 1 of 2)

Cam Haskell, wine manager at Arimia, celebrates International Cabernet Day by taking us through some of the region's most exciting cabernet sauvignon. Across the region, vine leaves have dropped and pruning is well under way or just about finished, vines cut back and retrained for…
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“Gōngxǐ fācái”: Which ‘Margs’ wines to enjoy for Chinese New Year

Sounds odd for an Australian naguoning (foreigner) to say, but I really love Lunar New Year. Every year we have a shindig, with friends coming around. I’ll let them know what we’re having, and they’ll bring along wines to match. (This year, since you asked:…
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Margaret River’s 3 most underrated wine producers

Wine’s a funny thing – so much is invested in marketing mystique and selling a story, some producers sometimes get passed by in the wine media. And when you’re located in one of the most remote wine regions on the planet, it’s easy to get…
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