Birak Season

According to the six seasons of Wadandi Boodja, December and January is Birak or ‘season of the young’.

For over 60,000 years the Margaret River Region has supported one of the world’s longest, unbroken human occupations, resulting in an immensely deep cultural knowledge and connection to the land.

It is the traditional land of the Wadandi (Saltwater) People.

The Margaret River Region is a living and breathing embodiment of ancient geography and Wadandi song lines. Natural beauty, abundance of space, fine wine and fresh coastal air make a holiday here the remedy to modern life.

While visiting we ask that you walk softly, taking the time to listen to and care for Boodja (Country).

The Margaret River Mouth. Credit Ryan Murphy

How It Began

People come to share in the culture and environment of this island refugium and gain from their appreciation and understanding of nature and life at its best.

Tens of millions of years ago, long before humans walked the earth, something happened in this remote corner of the planet we now call the Margaret River Region. Super continent Pangaea divided to form Antarctica, India and Australia. In the process, a piece of the Australian landmass was ripped away and separated from the rest of the continent.

Silt filled the massively deep rift to prevent complete separation of the island, which became surrounded by ocean on three sides and flatlands on the fourth, eastern, side. This land was spared the ravages of ice during the ice ages and desertification during drier periods. It became a refuge for a exceptional abundance of plants and animals to survive, thrive and evolve.

Life here flourished.

Today we walk softly on Wadandi Boodja and practice living and travelling through the region in a sustainable way, to ensure the natural environment is preserved and protected.