Eli Greeneyes

Eli Greeneyes at Settlers Tavern

Saturday, 27th August 2022 - 9:00pm to 12:00am


Backed by a captivating live band, ELI GREENEYES rocks a fresh, anthemic sound that stands alone and can’t quite be defined by any one genre.

The raw and powerful voice being the glue that holds it all together. Its distorted guitars, large trap and hip-hop beats with honest, commanding, and relatable lyrics that act as a looking glass into this soul bearing artist.

“The last few years have already seen Eli Greeneyes assert himself as one of the finest musicians in the country today, but with the release of new single “PEOPLE”, he’s proven that we’re only just starting to witness his full potential”. Tyler Jenke, Rolling Stone Australia

“Eli sounds like a singer possessed when he fronts a big song like this. The spirits in question could very well be Bono, Damon Albarn and the like given the anthemic effect”. – Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J Unearthed

With Special Guests SPRINTER