Margaret River Region Geopark


Located 250 kilometres from Perth in Australia’s spectacular South West, the Margaret River Region Geopark is an enticing mosaic of pristine natural wonders, premium wineries, relaxed microbreweries, world-class restaurants, spectacular beaches, towering forests, inspirational artisans and warm and friendly locals. From the tranquil waters of Geographe Bay in the north, down the ancient cave carved Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge, through the picturesque vineyards and karri forest of the heartland, to the desolate beauty of Cape Leeuwin in the south it is a place of splendid diversity and contrast.

With over 60,000 year of continuous occupation by the traditional owners, the Wadandi people, this region is home to an ancient living culture. Recognised as one of Australia’s and the world’s most biodiverse hotspots it presents an array of nature and adventure based activities to engage all visitors from inland, underground cave and coastal based experiences. Pristine landscapes connect visitors to the environment, invoking a sense of value for its conservation and motivating preservation for its sustainability.

What is a Geopark?

A Geopark is a single, unified geographical area where sites and landscapes are of international geological significance and where the area is managed with a holistic concept of protection, education and sustainable development.

A Geopark uses its geological heritage in connection with its natural and cultural heritage, to enhance awareness and understanding. Geoparks strengthen the sense of pride and deepen the understanding within the community and provide the backbone for education and interpretation for visitors and guests about why a region is so special and different to another.

Geoparks aren’t just about Geology, they are about the landforms, the climate, the native flora and fauna and the culture; past and present.

The purpose of a Geopark is to explore, develop and celebrate the links between the geological heritage and all other aspects of the area’s natural, cultural and intangible heritages.

Our Geopark Region

Our Geopark aligns with the local government boundaries for the City of Busselton and the Shire of Augusta Margaret River, additionally includes the Ngari Capes Marine Park (1238 km2). Covering a combined 4936 km2

More info on City of Busselton

More info on Augusta Margaret River Shire

More info on Ngari Capes Marine Park

Our Geopark Highlights

Forests, Reserves & Scenic Spots

Aboriginal Culture

Whale Watching



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Ways to Discover Our Geopark

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