Skippy Rock Road



Skippy Rock is wonderfully scenic for sunsets, lazing on the beach, searching for wildflowers and checking out the small area of pinnacle like rocks.

Access to Skippy Rock is off the main Skippy Rock Road which is gravel and can be quite bumpy (you will spot wildflowers along the way) and taking a short side road toward the coast, following the signs.

Once there you can explore by walking down the steps to the beach from the main parking area where you'll find a beautiful beach, rocks and a large barren dune area on the escarpment above Skippy Rock, where there's a small field of Pinnacles-like rocks. Fishing and snorkelling is popular here but usually in mild weather when the ocean is not too rough. You can join the Cape to Cape Track here also and walk along a beautiful stretch at the top of an escarpment heading north or head south towards the stunning Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse.

Skippy Rock is a fantastic spot to while away a few hours in the sun!

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Skippy Rock Road