Notice: After many years of service, we have decided to put our mobile app on hiatus while we work on a fresh, new release that will give you an offline version of all the great content in this website. Stay tuned!

The official Your Margaret River Region mobile app

Everything you need to plan and enjoy your holiday in this magnificent holiday destination, all in one place. The app includes the following information and functionality;

Search for…

  • Attractions
  • Activities & Tours
  • Wineries, Restaurants, Breweries & Cafes
  • Accommodation

Places of interest are listed by…

  • Things to do on sunny days, rainy days or with families and many more
  • What is open on school and public holidays
  • Essential information (public restrooms, waste disposal, camping etc)

Finally there are a few other useful features…

  • Busselton Audio Tours
  • Local weather forecast
  • Bookmark your favourite places to easily find them later
  • Integrated maps and directions