As if the wine, waves and food of the Margaret River region weren’t already enough, the area also offers exceptional, and surprisingly accessible, fishing.

Though the offshore venues offer plenty of opportunities to jag a nice dhufish or snapper, the endless bays, beaches, rivers and inlets also offer great fishing for locals and tourists short on time, but keen for a quick feed.

As winter and its prevailing large storms and swells starts to kick in, most anglers tend towards fishing for Whiting, Silver Trevally (Skippy) or the ever-dependable herring.

Your Margaret River Region Fishing Spots

It’s also this time of year those areas not exposed to large swells, such as Busselton and Augusta, come into their own.

Busselton of course is famous for its jetty, which is almost two kilometres long and located smack bang in the centre of town.

But on any given day, you’ll spot anglers fishing along its length or the beautiful beach either side of it.

Assuming you’re chasing whiting (and if you’ve ever tasted one, you’ll will be) the local tip seems to be a double hook rig, baited with a prawn on one and a squid tentacle on the other.

Of course, as with all fishing, luck has a lot to do with it, but some anglers also like to stack the odds in their favour by berleying up the water with pre-mixed pellets or breadcrumbs.

Should you find yourself on the jetty in the early hours or dusk, it’s also worth throwing out a squid jig for the perfect accompaniment to a plate of whiting and glass of semi sauvignon blanc.

Again, like whiting, there is a bit of luck involved, but a handy tip is luring the squid closer to the jetty with a baited hook (usually mullet) then casting a squid jig towards it.

It’s easier still at night, simply shine a bright light towards the water and the squid will swarm towards it.

Once hooked, slowly reel the squid in before scooping it out with a net, taking care to keep its tail directed away from you. Though small they are capable of squirting ink quite a distance, which is always funny to see…assuming it’s not headed in your direction.

Heading out towards Dunsborough are countless other beaches and coves protected from winter’s wrath and it’s simply a matter of picking one to your liking.

Meelup, Castle Rock and Bunker Bay are spectacular spots with ample opportunities to cast a line, sit back and take in the view while waiting for a strike.

Again, whiting, herring and skippy are the predominate species during winter.

Heading down the coast the winter swell comes into play, making beach fishing a bit tricky. Those in the know will strike when the ocean is flat, or make use of two other jetties, one in Gracetown and another at Gnarabup.

Gnarabup also is a great place to target herring, which are prolific in numbers this time of year.

While not as good eating as whiting, herring are a great fish to catch for all ages. They put up a good fight and can easily be found schooling around clumps of seaweed.

There is quite a knack for catching herring but a lot of it has to do with the rig you use. To save time, pre made rigs, specific for herring, can be bought at most petrol stations or tackle stores in the region, but most anglers tend towards using a float and a long shanked hook partially covered with a small piece of red straw.

Soft plastic or spinning lures that mimic baitfish are another alternative. Either way, simply cast out beyond where you think the school is and retrieves at a medium to fast pace then back off for a few seconds before repeating.

But for winter, it’s hard pressed to beat Augusta as the ideal fishing location. The easiest spot to get a good feed is along the Blackwood River as it opens up to the Southern Ocean.

The grassy banks offer up another perfect location to cast a line, sit back and soak it all in. Closer to the ocean are an abundance of herring and beautiful plump whiting (King George and Yellowfin), while further up the river good sized black bream can be caught.

The trick to catching whiting is, oddly enough, good bait. Tend towards locally bought squid, sand or blood worms or river prawns threaded onto a long shank hook.

Most anglers favour a light rod and line with a fairly small sinker to get the bait to the bottom. From there, it’s a matter of waiting for that wonderful feeling of a fish nibbling at the end of the line, giving it a few seconds and giving a measured jerk before bringing the fish to shore.

Most local anglers have a trick or two up their sleeves and are more than happy to share some of them (there’s plenty more of tricks up those sleeves).

Always remember to check your size and bag limits, all information can be found at

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Legend Charters Whale Watching & Deep Sea Fishing

Boasting the highest catch rate on the coast, Dean and crew will put you right on top of the South West most prize species and teach you how to reel them in before cleaning your catch to take home. Share line prices available with discounts for children (7-14).

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