Getting Sky High

Skydiving; the natural high that’s not just for adrenaline junkies.

Many people wonder why someone would actively choose to throw themselves out of a perfectly good plane. Others do the jump as a celebration, to overcome fears, or to receive a feeling of accomplishment once they’ve landed. I talked to some recent guests of Skydive Geronimo in Busselton, who shared their reasons for making the jump in this beautiful part of the world.

Alissa, 12 – From Perth  

The youngest legal age for tandem skydiving in Western Australia is 12, and that’s how old Alissa was when she made her first tandem jump. Alissa had watched skydivers land on the beach in Busselton for years, and got the itch to do it herself after watching her grandma and auntie jump the year before.

Alissa told me, “Grandma did the jump to conquer her fear of heights, meanwhile Auntie Jo jumps every chance she gets. She’s the one who purchased the voucher for me, however I was underage at the time and had to wait six months until my 12th birthday to use it.”

Alissa travels down to the Margaret River region regularly to see family, so Busselton was a good fit for her first jump.

Alissa ran me through her feelings throughout the day.

‘Getting ready I was really happy and excited but as we got in the plane, the nerves started to set in. When we had to exit the plane, I was super nervous. One minute you’re in the plane, and the next second you’re in the air, freefalling fast!

‘As soon as the parachute opened I really enjoyed it. I was definitely happy to be back on the ground again, and ran straight to mum for a big hug. I felt really proud of myself that I’d done it.’

When asked if she’d do it again, there was a pause, and she said, ‘Yeah, in a little while’.

Jayne – From Perth

Jayne’s husband booked a tandem skydive for her as a surprise for her 40th birthday, knowing that it was something Jayne wanted to check off her bucket list. He initially had reservations about her skydiving, but after Jayne overcame a recent battle with skin cancer, he knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that she deserved.

Janye said, “Skydiving was a bucket list experience for me. I wanted to experience the adrenaline and I’ve always felt it’s just something I had to do. After I recently overcame skin cancer, I thought it was the perfect celebration after all the trauma.”

“I picked Skydive Geronimo in Busselton mainly due to the scenery. I wanted to jump somewhere with a view of the ocean and the coastline. While you’re on the plane flight up to jump height, there’s a beautiful scenic view of Geographe Bay and the Busselton Jetty; a nice distraction from the plane ride.”

I asked if Jayne got the injection of adrenaline she’d hoped for.

“Definitely! During the safety briefing I was mainly excited and looking forward to the jump but once I got in the plane, the adrenaline really started pumping. When they opened the plane door and we moved into position, that adrenaline turned to panic for about 10-15 seconds, then we jumped and that panic turned to shock and the adrenaline kicked in again.

‘I’d be lying if I didn’t say there was some sort of relief once the parachute opened. A sense of freedom washed over me as I floated through the air. Once I’d landed I was just so excited that I’d achieved what I’d wanted to. The initial fear was overcome and the adrenaline was rushing through my body, it was incredible.”

Joel – From Singapore

Joel had wanted to skydive since a very young age. He told me his motto in life is to try everything once.

‘I wanted to do a jump with a natural beach view instead of a city view. We were planning a trip to Western Australia and knowing that I’m not getting any younger, I took the opportunity while visiting the Margaret River region to try it.’

For Joel, the anxiety leading up to the moment he leaped out of the plane was immense.

‘I was thinking about it throughout my daily chores, while I was reading the papers, bathing, everything I was doing. On the day itself, everything felt pretty surreal. I was super nervous but I had to suppress it in order not to add to the fear my buddy already had and I had to act tough in front my girlfriend.

‘When I got on the plane, I told myself there was no turning back. I am slightly afraid of heights, so I had to take deep breaths when I was on my way up. The moment when it was my turn to jump, I told myself this is IT. When I leaped out of the plane, it seemed like I was in another place. Everything seemed to freeze at the exact moment.

‘After a while, I came back to my senses with the cold wind in my face and that’s when the parachute opened. Everything had happened so fast up until that point, and then everything slowed down again.’

Joel said that’s when he was able to admire the stunning views of Busselton and truly appreciate the accomplishment of his jump, feeling safe with the chute above.

I asked all jumpers about their experience with Skydive Geronimo, to which I received much praise for the company in return. Reoccurring descriptors included ‘professional’, ‘friendly’ and ‘safe’; all words you want to hear when choosing a company to jump with. But just as importantly, everyone mentioned the view.

Alissa said, ‘The view was really nice from up there because you can see the beautiful beach, houses and the whole jetty; I even saw a pod of whales!’

Skydive Geronimo have a team of professional camera and film crew who jump with you, should you choose to purchase the complete package. It’s a life experience worth capturing, especially with a backdrop like that.

Alissa, Janye and Joel all experienced nerves and fear before their jump but all said the high they felt afterwards was worth every ounce of fear. And I have to agree. I’ve made the jump twice myself (once as a birthday present and once for my job) and after speaking with the recent jumpers, I’m keen to take the plunge again, this time with my home turf of Busselton sprawled out beneath me on the way down!

Skydive Geronimo – Fast Facts:

A two hour tandem skydive over Busselton starts from $299 AUD

Skydive Geronimo is open all year round, 7 days a week. (Closed Christmas Day and New Years Day)

They do have a weight limit of 95kg and under but in some cases, they can take heavier passengers.

Brianna Delaporte

Author Brianna Delaporte

Brianna is a world traveller, ocean goer, book reader, food consumer and wine lover. These pleasures are available in abundance in the south west, which is why she keeps returning to this corner of the world between overseas trips. Brianna’s first job was at the Busselton Jetty and since has spent many years promoting the region domestically and internationally.

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