Rainy Day Fun

Because life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass

Don’t let rain stop play – here are some ideas for fun and games when the clouds are stormy.


Kids can be known for having a sweet tooth and while we understand you can’t always let them indulge (in case you disappoint the dentist), if there’s ever a time to make the exception and allow for a treat, Candy Cow in Cowaramup is the place to do it.

Every treat in Candy Cow delights the senses – the vibrant colours, mouth-watering aromas and the delectable sweetness. Choose from the incredible range of old fashioned sweets, their famous fudge and nougat, decedent chocolates and crunchy, golden honeycomb, all lovingly crafted in store.

Free demonstrations of how to create their treats are given every Wednesday to Sunday at 11am. Follow that with a tasting of Candy Cow’s specialties: the gourmet fudge, nougat and
honeycomb for an entertaining (and delicious) day away from the rain.


If you’d like to get back to nature but the weather isn’t on your side, head underground. The Margaret River region is as spectacular below ground as it is out in the open air. There
are over 150 ancient and incredible limestone caves hidden beneath the surface of Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge, with many open to explore.

These million-year-old caves were once an ancient sand dune about 90km long and 3km wide, stretching from Dunsborough to Augusta. As rain fell, it was cemented into limestone
and became home to the vast number of caves present today.

Now, decorated with delicate crystal formations, each is a natural wonderland to behold. As they are all beautiful, choosing which cave to explore first can be a challenge. Marvel at the reflections on Lake Cave’s glimmering lake, easily explore the realms of Mammoth Cave at your own pace, or be mesmerised by the vast nature of Jewel Cave’s enormous chambers.

To navigate these labyrinths, you can opt for tours ranging from ‘at your own pace’ self-guided tours, to ‘off piste’ hard hat tours, to boldly adventurous ‘abseil in’ expeditions.

Visit margaretriverattractions.com


Rainy days are the perfect excuse to stay indoors and relax without feeling guilty. Make the most of your me time and indulge in the extensive range of massage and wellness therapies the region has to offer.

Head home or back to your accommodation and curl up with a blanket, cup of tea and a good book while feeling completely at ease.

Spas, Massage & Beauty


If it’s pouring outdoors, head to Vasse Virgin’s gorgeous soap factory, nestled between rolling hills of bushland and vineyard and make your own lip balm, perfume or EVO. Immerse yourself in the ultimate olive oil experience as you enter a sensory wonderland. Witness the talented team produce all-natural products on site and be enveloped by the natural aromas of organic ingredients, pure essential oils and plant extracts. Join in a DIY experience like no other in the Vasse Virgin classroom. Pick from:

Lip Balm Workshop
45 minutes duration
$70 p/person

In this quick and easy session, see how easy it is to craft natural luscious lip balms using organic, locally sourced ingredients.

Natural Perfumery Workshop
Up to three hours duration
$120 p/person

Learn the basics to the ancient art of perfumery and choose from a wide variety of pure essential oils to create your very own personalised fragrances.

EOO 101 Masterclass

30 minutes duration
$50 p/person

Be schooled by an internationally-qualified olive oil sommelier as you taste a selection of local and international olive oils to discover unique flavour characteristics, learn to detect faults, and how to pick the best oil for cooking, garnishing or flavouring.

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Amanda is Queensland born, West Australian at heart. After clocking up some serious km's visiting the Margaret River region every second weekend, she recently packed up and made the move to the most beautiful part of Australia. Happiest when by the sea, adventuring and trying ALL the food and wine. Now living in the region, she knows she's hit the jackpot!

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