Through The Lens: Margaret River Vintage


Through The Lens: Margaret River Vintage

Experience the buzz of the grape harvest through the lens of photographers Mark Boskell and Freedom Garvey.

Since the first commercial vines were planted here in the ‘60s, wine has become one of the Margaret River region’s central narratives. To experience vintage is to hold a stethoscope to the industry’s heartbeat: you feel it all. The racing pulse of early, early mornings readying for a long day with secateurs. The steady building rhythm as vintage teams work up and down the vines.

Connection between communities is created over these weeks of picking: the influx of casual workers from Europe, Asia, Great Britain, and the Americas to our region aids in ensuring fruit makes it safely from vineyard to vat. But it does more than that: every pair of hands contributes to production of wine now widely recognised in industry and consumer circles as some of the most consistently high standard wine produced anywhere in the world. That those hands come from all corners of the globe to join with ours every vintage, is the completion of a circle that speaks to the connective and emotive spirit of the drink they help to produce.

Emptying vines. Filling fruit buckets. Mixed languages. Panting vineyard dogs. These weeks of vintage allow no rest for the pickers, the viticulturists and the winemakers. No doubt that knock-off glass of Margaret River region Chardonnay will taste great when it’s all bottled and capped.

Feel the beat of a Margaret River grape harvest at wineries Pierro and Howard Park, through the lens of photographer Mark Boskell of Elements Margaret River and Freedom Garvey.



Wherever Pierro’s wines are enjoyed around the world, they invariably impart a tangible trace of their idyllic place of origin. It’s one of warm southern climates, ancient soils, healthy vines and years of skilled hands-on viticulture and winemaking. For over a quarter of a century, Pierro have striven to fuse these elements to produce superior wines of singular extraction, character and elegance. Their quest for heightened quality continues with each passing vintage.

Images by Mark Boskell.

Howard Park & MadFish Wines

Proudly owned by the Burch Family, Howard Park is the only winery in the Margaret River region to make champagne method sparkling wines in-house, and their range is award-winning. Their wines are the work of heritage and family – more than three decades handcrafting wines of provenance and elegance.

Images by Freedom Garvey.

Learn more about the Margaret River vintage by visiting the region’s wineries. Choose one from this complete directory or try this curated self-drive wine trail.


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