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“I’m a professional wedding photographer living in Cowaramup, a small town near Margaret River in Western Australia. My passion for photography and film-making started in the ocean — I have always been fascinated with the sea, and it was my inspiration to first pick up a camera and start taking pictures and making movies.

Over ten years later, I still get the same buzz and satisfaction in capturing Mother Nature in all her glory — one fraction of a second at a time. When my two daughters came into this world, I naturally began to develop an interest in photographing people, which naturally progressed into wedding photography. This is now my full time job, and I love it.

I’ve always had a fascination with flying, and growing up I always wanted to be a helicopter pilot. Thanks to the advancement of technology I can now combine my passion of photography with my dream of flying.

On this particular day, we had a huge clean swell in Margaret River, and barely any wind, it was perfect conditions for shooting tow surfing. I got a message from local surfers Dave Delroy and Lief Mulik… “Charge the drone, swells huge!” Perfect surf conditions and perfect light for shooting. The visuals on the live video feed as I flew out across Gnarabup Beach were spectacular.

I’ve edited this clip a little different to most surf films, I really wanted to capture feeling and the energy of the ocean on this particular day, I wanted it to feel like the viewer was actually there, floating above the waves like I was.”

Michelle Jacobsen

Author Michelle Jacobsen

Michelle Jacobsen is a self-proclaimed city girl turned country town convert, having embarked on a sea change from Perth to Margaret River four years ago. When she's not busy promoting all things 'Your Margaret River Region', you'll find her on a stand up paddle board at any of the pristine beaches near Dunsborough, swirling a glass of chardonnay or stretched out on a yoga mat.

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