Tiger Moth Adventure Flights

Star 4.1 (61 Google reviews)

Step back in time as you climb into one of Western Australia's iconic vintage Tiger Moths. Don your leather helmet and goggles, experience the adventure that RAAF pilots of the 1940s would have encountered as an aviator in a bygone era.
Experience the thrill of low level flying (500 feet) in an open-cockpit vintage Tiger Moth over Busselton and the Margaret River coastline and countryside. Based at Busselton Airport in the South West of WA, there is a range of flights and experiences to suit everyone. 

Select from four flight adventures: 

  • Busselton Jetty Reconnaissance (20min flight)
  • Geographe Bay Reconnaissance (30min flight)
  • Busselton to Dunsborough (40 min flight)
  • Busselton to Cape Naturaliste (50 min flight)


Your pilot Steve has over 8000 flying hours experience, most at low-level operations with his background as an agriculture and forestry pilot. Steve has the experience to make your flight a safe and unforgettable adventure.


Tiger Moth Adventure Flights

86 Neville Hyder Dr, Yalyalup WA 6280, Australia


Star 4.1 (61 Google reviews)
Zoran Milasinovich 30 September 2023

Unforgettable week spent in a place that I'd never heard if before but had it recommended couple months ago. From the incredible pier to wonderful dining to beautiful beaches & surrounding scenery, whale watching from a boat & from land!!, breathtaking wineries to awesome caves & unbelievable sunsets. Busselton & surrounds is a definite consideration

Enz 15 August 2023

Ah, the Busselton Margaret River Airport, a gateway to the enchanting wonders of the Margaret River region in Western Australia. Nestled amidst the natural beauty and world-renowned vineyards, this airport serves as a portal to an unforgettable journey through breathtaking landscapes and culinary delights. As you step foot into the Busselton Margaret River Airport, a sense of anticipation fills the air. The airport itself exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere, reflecting the laid-back charm that the region is known for. It's a place where travelers from all walks of life come together, their spirits ignited with the promise of adventure and discovery. The airport serves as a connection point to the magnificent Margaret River region, a haven for wine enthusiasts, nature lovers, and surf aficionados alike. It's a place where rolling vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see, and cellar doors beckon you to sample the region's award-winning wines. Immerse yourself in the rich aromas and flavors of the local vintages, as you learn about the artistry and passion that goes into each bottle. But Margaret River is not just about wine. Its pristine beaches lure surfers and sun seekers, with waves crashing against the shores, inviting you to dive into the refreshing embrace of the Indian Ocean. Feel the sand between your toes, embrace the invigorating sea breeze, and let the coastal beauty awaken your senses. As you venture further, the Margaret River region reveals its natural wonders. Explore ancient caves, marvel at towering karri forests, and embark on picturesque hikes along rugged coastal trails. It's a place where nature takes center stage, captivating your soul with its raw beauty and untamed wilderness. Back at the airport, you'll find a range of amenities and services to make your journey seamless. From car rentals to friendly staff ready to assist, the Busselton Margaret River Airport ensures that your travel experience is comfortable and hassle-free. So, my fellow adventurers, as you pass through the Busselton Margaret River Airport, let your spirit soar with anticipation for the wonders that lie ahead. Embrace the flavors of the region, immerse yourself in nature's splendor, and let Margaret River weave its magic, leaving an indelible mark on your heart. May your journey through this captivating region be filled with unforgettable moments and cherished memories

Maria Ngo 02 February 2023

A small basic airport with plenty of free 1 hour parking which is much appreciated. Clean good new roads. The departure and arrival area is small and basic. No food. Filtered water is provided however. The departure gate lounge has 1 small cafe. Grateful for that still. Very limited seats but probably adequate if people don't put their bags on a seat. Currently Jetstar is only operating 3 flights a week between Melbourne and Busselton. They are very strict about checking the weight and size of your bags. All your bags. And yes you can carry your phone power bank on you in your hand carry cabin bags - not check in luggage. Quite a few people were asking the staff. Staff were friendly and professional overall.