Native Ingredients

Winter is a brewer and distillers delight in Margaret River.  Consistent rains bring to life the fruits of Margaret River’s agriculture and natural surrounds, like the Emu Plum, apples, and Geraldton Wax.

And, for those inclined to sample an alcoholic beverage or two, indoors weather is the perfect excuse to sample the Margaret River Region’s delicious medley of beverages.  For something different, check out this collection of drinks made from local and native ingredients.


Emu Plum

Giniversity’s Australian Native drink pays great tribute to the natural bounty of Margaret River.  The Distillery has sustainably sourced ‘Emu Plum’ from cultural experiences tour group Koomal Dreaming; this extraordinary botanical named because of the Emus’ penchant to seek out the rare fruit across extreme distances. It’s also the first time this ingredient has ever been used as a botanical flavouring within gin.

Emu Plum is the largest edible fruit of Australia’s South West.  It’s a juicy purplish dark blue, and resembles, you guessed it, the plum.  The Emu Plum is full of earthy undertones, and its complemented by the sweet botanical music of another endemic native, Geraldton Wax.  Also with hints of Lemon Myrtle and Orris Root, this is the essence of the South West in a bottle.

Giniversity Australian Native Gin

Local Honey

It’s all about the bees with The Grove Distillery’s ‘Honey Corn Mash Whiskey’.  More commonly known as ‘Honey Bourbon’, their local beekeeper honey gives a natural warmth and tang in the mouth, which is perfect for lighting up the soul on a dark and lonely winters night.

You’ll never sample the same taste twice, either; each small batch is always slightly different, because they can’t tell the bees where to go, and what flowers to feast on.  Such is the capriciousness of nature.

The Grove Distillery Bourbon Honey

Desert Lime & Lemon Myrtle

With a well-established understanding of the land and its many offerings, it’s only natural that the Beer Farm incorporate our country’s provenance in their palatable creations.

Their unique native series, made in collaboration with Fervor, is one of WA’s most special releases, and includes the moreish flavours of their Desert Lime and Lemon Myrtle IPA, and their soon to be released Strawberry Gum Leaf Stout.

With a purpose of reducing future impact, these beers are super limited edition, so blink and you’ll miss them.  Get it while you can!

Beerfarm Native Series Fervor

Manjimup Apples

Winter means apples, and lots of them.  And apples means cider, of course.  Cheeky Monkey’s and Black Brewing Co.’s winter ciders are born from the inspiration of the land surrounding them, and the crisp and juicy apples grown in primo South West conditions.

Brewed with varieties of apples like Granny Smith, Kanzi, and Jazz, these are ciders that taste like music. A flavour that never gets old!

Apple Cider Black Brewing Co

Prefer to eat your way through the region’s native ingredients instead?

Koomal Dreaming’s Aboriginal Food, Cave and Didge tour provides a more holistic outlook of the native ingredients that abound in the Margaret River Region.  The tour explores the bush foods which have sustained Wadandi people for millennia, with a side of history and culture. Not only will you get to taste some delicious flavours that are unique and inherent to this place, you’ll get to see the region through a totally new lens and learn something new, too.

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