Margaret River Fudge Factory

Premium, homemade fudge and chocolate made in front of your eyes!
The origin of the candy called 'fudge' was probably the accidental graining of caramel prepared with high sugar content. Some manufacturers have labelled basic caramel as being fudge. There is one important difference between caramel and fudge. Caramel is basically a fat emulsion in an amorphous syrup with the milk protein dispersed with the fat and milk protein in a syrup phase of a saturated solution of sugar and glucose. 

The fudge manufactured at the Margaret River Fudge Factory follows the definition and correct recipe for fudge and was devised after years of trial and error in Australia. The fudge is made by the process of rapid mixing and is the 'homemade' product we all love. To ensure that every piece of fudge maintains the highest level of quality each phase of its preparation and production is done by hand.

The team at Margaret River Fudge Factory individually inspects all ingredients in every batch of fudge. They closely monitor the temperature and cooking time of the fudge. A slight variation in cooking time or temperature could cause the fudge not to set or to lose its robust flavour.  This cooking process allows the makers to give the fudge the individual attention that a machine or mass production can not. 

In addition to fudge, Margaret River Fudge Factory also has a range of traditional chocolate and candy products to suit all tastes. They offer a delightful range of teas, coffees and traditional milkshakes for refreshment while you sit and watch the fudge being made. 

Family-friendly and entry is free! Visit and try some tasty samples! 



Margaret River Fudge Factory

Fudge Factory, Bussell Highway, Margaret River WA, Australia

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