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Devahiti Yoga & Bodywork

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Devahiti Yoga offers gentle hatha yoga, sound bowl massage and gentle, non-invasive body release and realignment sessions. Yoga sessions are slow and gentle with a focus on stress relief and healing. Sessions are available from various ocean-view locations in and around the Dunsborough area! We also offer private yoga sessions in the comfort of your own accommodation, all equipment is provided.
Welcome to Devahiti Yoga based in Dunsborough, Western Australia. Devahiti means ‘Natural or Divine Order’ in Sanskrit. 

It is through breath awareness that we manage to realign your physical body with the mental and energetic systems.
Mandy strives to encourage those who feel they ‘can’t do yoga’ to become those who can, by exploring the multiple benefits for the body, mind and soul. 

Beginners are most welcome! 


9:00 am @ Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club 

9:00 am @ Dunsborough Country Club 
+ 5:30 PM @ Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club 

6:00 am @ Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club
9 am @ Eagle Bay Community Hall 

Drop-in price $20 
Spare mats and Eftpos also available! 


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