Climate & Time Zone


Known for its four distinct seasons, the mild Mediterranean climate not only makes Your Margaret River Region a premium wine growing region, but also a year round choice for holiday makers.

In summer, there is little rainfall and the average maximum temperature is just under 30 degrees Celsius. Hot days are usually cooled off with lovely afternoon sea breezes. Summer evenings are balmy to mild with temperatures around 15.5 degrees Celsius.

Most of the rainfall occurs in the winter but winter still has plenty of glorious sunny days. Winter enjoys mild temperatures that average 16 to 18 degrees with some days in the early 20’s. Winter evenings are mild and average above 8 degrees Celsius but are still cool enough to enjoy a log fire.

Spring and autumn are lovely and warm with plenty of sunny days.

Each season reveals different aspects to appreciate. In summer the stunning beaches seduce swimmers and kite surfers. In winter, they’re graced with a passing parade of whales.

Autumn sees a flurry of arts and wine-inspired events. In spring, the wildflowers put on their own dazzling show.

  Time Zone

There are three time zones in Australia. Western Australia is in the time zone known as Australian Western Standard Time and is GMT + 8:00.

Western Australia does not have daylight saving and is in the same time zone as Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Bali, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Taiwan and Brunei Darussalam.