Australians have now been given the following advice by the federal government:

  • All non essential travel has been halted.
  • Gatherings are now restricted to two people (not including members of the family who share a household).
  • Any non-essential visitors travelling to the Margaret River region may face fines of up to $50,000 from Tuesday March 31st.
  • Keep 1.5 metres apart from other people.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water, or hand sanitiser.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or use your inner elbow.
  • All arrivals from other States and Territories must self isolate for 14 days after arriving in WA.
  • If you have arrived from overseas, you must self isolate for 14 days.

The State Government has issued guidelines clarifying when it is OK to leave your region.

Here are the reasons that are permitted for interregional travel;

  • Travelling to work
  • Attending medical appointments
  • Transporting freight
  • Those who do not have access to groceries or supplies within their region
  • Returning to a place of residence
  • Attending school or an educational institution
  • Where necessary, catering for family members
  • Compassionate grounds

If you had made bookings or plans to holiday in the Margaret River region, please contact our local visitor consultants who are available 7 days per week via telephone on (08) 9780 5911 or email [email protected] for further advice.

Emergency accommodation: If you are a traveller in the region with no fixed address or a person who now finds yourself displaced by the new travel restrictions, please also contact our visitor consultants on 08 9780 5911  or [email protected] for longer-term regional accommodation options.

International travellers who wish to return home are being advised to contact their Embassy or Consulate immediately to assist with repatriation options.

Further Information Sources

Please consult the links below a list of up-to-date, fact-based information sources.

WA Department of Health Australian Government Department of Health World Health Organisation

Bushfire Information

The Margaret River region remains unaffected by the bushfires.

  • For travel in Western Australia, please consult the Department of Fire & Emergency services – the government department that is responsible for fire and emergency services in Western Australia – via and
  • If travelling by road in Western Australia, please visit and click though to road closure information.
  • For travel in the rest of Australia, please visit the Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology – provides overall weather updates for all parts of Australia, including the latest fire warnings