We encourage all travellers visiting to seek the most up-to-date information for their planned itinerary prior to departure, and remain informed about changing conditions while in the Margaret River region.

If you are seeking general travel advice on the region, please contact our local visitor consultants who are available 7 days per week via (08) 9780 5911, welcome@margaretriver.com and the Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River Visitor Centres.

Corona Virus

For the latest information on Noval Coronavirus (2019-NCOV), please refer to the travel alerts from Australia.com.

Bushfire Information

The Margaret River region remains unaffected by the bushfires.

  • For travel in Western Australia, please consult the Department of Fire & Emergency services – the government department that is responsible for fire and emergency services in Western Australia – via dfes.wa.gov.au and www.emergency.wa.gov.au
  • If travelling by road in Western Australia, please visit mainroads.wa.gov.au and click though to road closure information.
  • For travel in the rest of Australia, please visit the Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology – provides overall weather updates for all parts of Australia, including the latest fire warnings bom.gov.au

Do your research before you book a ride to a winery

You see the signs frequently at the entrances to wineries – who’s the skipper? So it makes great sense to hire a passenger transport service, such as a charter driver, to make sure you can all enjoy safely the world-class food, wine and attractions in the Margaret River region.

However, it’s important for your and other road users’ safety that the service you use is correctly licensed and insured. Western Australia has laws regulating passenger transport, which includes tourism and charter services, taxis, rideshare, limousines and bus services.

These laws require that the people taking your booking, the vehicle being driven and the person driving it are fully authorised, ensuring the appropriate insurance is in place and safety standards are met.

When you book a transport service via online platforms or social media, it may not be clear if the service being advertised is a legitimate, licensed business.

You can check whether the passenger transport service you’re booking is authorised as an on-demand booking service provider at: www.transport.wa.gov.au/On-demandTransport/what-is-a-booking-service.asp. All on-demand transport providers must use their authorisation number or name in their advertising to ensure it can be checked.

If an operator is solely providing a tourism passenger transport service – such as a winery tour to a set itinerary – then they do not require a booking service authorisation.

So, when you’re planning that ‘down south’ tour, make sure you only use authorised passenger transport services and keep yourself and other road users safe.

All tour operators featured on our website have the appropriate Department of Transport authorisations to ensure your safety.