Wine Voices – Ben McDonald, Vigneron, & Sasha Foley, Winemaker – Glenarty Road

“Five generations lived in the same old house here. What you had to do with the group settlement scheme was clear 2 acres a year for 10 years and then the farm was yours. It was hard work, with big timbers around. Poppa applied for it, did the time, and it’s been in the family ever since. It used to be dairy and then went to sheep in the 1960s. I planted the vines 20 years ago.”
Ben McDonald

“I don’t think any of them would have thought that agri-tourism would be something that would have been another stage in that story.  We try and grow a lot of the food ourselves and a friend of mine turns it into preserves and relishes. In the cellar door, pretty much all of the food comes off the farm if we can; seasonal vegies alongside our slow roasted lamb.”
Sasha Foley

Max Brearley

Author Max Brearley

Max Brearley is a food writer, critic, consultant and host working with The Australian, The Guardian, Halliday, Margaret River Gourmet Escape, Truffle Kerfuffle, Conde Nast Traveller and delicious. to name just a few. A passion for a good yarn and great produce has seen him forage for native foods in the north west of WA, follow abalone from ocean to plate in the south west and dig for black truffles in the towering Southern Forests. He’s also been known to cast a critical eye over a meal or two for The Australian’s annual Hot 50 Restaurants and delicous., as well as producing written, visual and event content for organisations across Australia and globally. Whilst a proud Yorkshireman; he’s been moving south for much of his life. Relocating from London to Perth in 2012, a move to the southwest soon followed, where life girt by sea and vines is more than agreeable. Instagram: @max_brearley / Twitter: @maxbrearley / Web:

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