Wine voices – Julian Langworthy, Winemaker, Deep Woods Estate

“I went briefly and dabbled in marine biology, which was a lot of drinking at UWA (University of Western Australia). I thought it fairer on the fish if I went and did something else. I grew up in the Margaret River region. My father was an ornithologist, who did a lot of the grapevine pest research so I knew the wine industry was a big employer. When I changed direction I went to study winemaking.

I always wanted to come back and live in the South West. It became a goal once I was in winemaking but I didn’t get the opportunity. I went overseas, spent time in Coonawarra and the Clare Valley. Once I’d got over that desire to come home it was actually when the opportunity to work here presented itself.

That was 6 years ago.  Now my Grandparents are just down the road. Friends from school are in the industry too. Surfing, fishing and the best wines in the world; it’s a hard life being a winemaker here. When we lived in Clare, no one ever came to visit us. Move to Margaret River and friends from around the world say “oh we’ll pop in for a week.””

– Julian Langworthy, Winemaker, Deep Woods Estate

Image: Sarah Hewer

Max Brearley

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