Wine voices: Kate Morgan, Winemaker, Ipso Facto, Fraser Gallop

“There is so much going on in Margaret River right now, it’s really exciting. The original producers of the region are still making brilliant wines and they’re still evolving their style, still being creative. And then you have your up and coming producers, younger guys as well as some of the older guys doing their own thing as well and branching out. People playing with different styles, people playing with different varieties, there is so much going on in our region. We’re a very collaborative bunch and share ideas, taste and see what each other are doing. It’s just a brilliant time to be here.”

Kate Morgan, Winemaker, Ipso Facto, Fraser Gallop

Image: Sarah Hewer

Max Brearley

Author Max Brearley

Max Brearley is a food writer, critic, consultant and host working with The Australian, The Guardian, Halliday, Margaret River Gourmet Escape, Truffle Kerfuffle, Conde Nast Traveller and delicious. to name just a few. A passion for a good yarn and great produce has seen him forage for native foods in the north west of WA, follow abalone from ocean to plate in the south west and dig for black truffles in the towering Southern Forests. He’s also been known to cast a critical eye over a meal or two for The Australian’s annual Hot 50 Restaurants and delicous., as well as producing written, visual and event content for organisations across Australia and globally. Whilst a proud Yorkshireman; he’s been moving south for much of his life. Relocating from London to Perth in 2012, a move to the southwest soon followed, where life girt by sea and vines is more than agreeable. Instagram: @max_brearley / Twitter: @maxbrearley / Web:

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