Margaret River - A very special place



"So we are moving to a lighthouse, you and I..."    (Josh Pyke, Australian singer songwriter)

Historic Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is situated at the most south westerly tip of Australia, standing at the point where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet - 8 kilometres south of Augusta. With a stunning blue backdrop of the ocean meeting the sky the lighthouse appears to glow in white splendour during summer, whilst during winter the awesome force of the fierce Southern Ocean and powerful Indian Ocean crashing against the Cape makes your visit a unique, awesome and contrasting experience year round.

A famous maritime landmark and important meteorological site from which data is collected, the tower stands 39 metres high from ground level and 56 metres above sea level. Its piercing beam, which has an intensity of one million candles, shines over the surrounding rugged sea and landscape for 26 nautical miles or 48 kilometres. Cape Leeuwin on which the lighthouse stands is also the start point for the Cape to Cape Track. Nearby is also the Old Waterwheel, a wooden water wheel that once supplied water to the lighthouse from a fresh water spring in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge. The water wheel has now calcified from the lime in the water, and although the wheel no longer turns water still trickles over the structure, as fresh as the day the water wheel was first erected.

For more information, visit the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse website, email or call (08) 9780 5911.

Guided tours are conducted daily at the Lighthouse - view tour times and prices. A visitor centre, café and retail shop are contained within the lighthouse precinct. Enjoy a light lunch or cappuccino in one of the heritage cottages overlooking Flinders Bay.

Current restoration of the historic Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse has been proudly supported by the South West Development Commission. The SWDC's aim is to make the South West region an even greater place to live, work and invest.