Busselton Foreshore Sunset

The quality of things to do in Busselton has made this vibrant beach town a timeless holiday destination for generations of families.

While the forward-thinking City goes from strength to strength in its status as the gateway to the region, what’s important here remains true: holidays are rituals, and they are essential to our lives.

Here these rituals centre around the 1.8kilometre Busselton Jetty, nostalgic in its original timber build that has endured a previous life as the export hub of the region. Today children and teenagers jump off it day-in, day-out on school holidays, and the sun sets over it as you devour freshly-caught fish and chips on the foreshore. Athletes and enthusiasts alike swim up and down and around it in each year’s iconic Jetty Swim. Morning strolls along it take you out to sea, from where you look back in awe and appreciation.

Revellers fish, crab, boat and swim in the waters that surround it, and share in what they reap. These are the timeless activities that holidays are made of. There’s a sense that these things are preserved here, even as new buildings and precincts form and the event calendar proliferates, full of artistic and cultural glory.

Busselton gives so much, and its joys are passed from parent to child, local to visitor, person to person. And so the timeless value of holidaying lives on.