Forests, Reserves & Scenic Spots

Boranup Forest

With the abundance and preservation of unique and diverse species of flora and fauna, you can see why this region is in the top 10 bio-diversity hotspots in the world and the only hotspot in Australia.

The only pure tuart forest in the world stands in the north of Your Margaret River Region, whilst the karri, the third tallest tree species in the world, stands in the south. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the boundless beauty and diversity of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park envelops the region on the western edge. The premium wine region and agricultural land give way to woodlands, jarrah and marri forests on the east.

Scenic spots are plentiful and range from stunning seascapes to tranquil forest valleys. Contemplate the enormity of Sugarloaf Rock, Cape Naturaliste – a gigantic towering granite rock that emerges from the Indian Ocean from the lookout on the mainland.

It is easy to be amazed and it is easy to experience it all as there are fantastic lookouts, walk trails, cycle paths and mountain bike trails with easy access. There are plenty of unique places to stay, including forest retreats and camping.

The Ludlow Tuart Forest, just outside Busselton, is the only natural tuart forest on the planet.

Forest Retreats

Totally immerse yourself into a secluded forest experience with a few nights’ stay. Relax on your verandah with a glass from Margaret River’s best and watch the warm glow of the afternoon’s sun drench the bushland. It is a serenity that is soon interrupted by a short burst of activity. The kangaroos wake from their snoozing day and the chorus of fluttering birds fill valleys as they locate their spot for the night. As dark falls, a quiet peace blankets the land as a million stars appear (and what better way to see them than from your spa or around your campfire?).

Enjoy a BBQ on your deck or tell stories by the log fire (in season). Some properties are wildlife sanctuaries and their friendly possums, kangaroos and bandicoots may pay you a visit. As dawn breaks the fresh scents of eucalypts and peppermint trees fill the air.

Accommodation options range from unique architecturally designed luxury retreats, cosy cabins, national park camping grounds and everything in between.

Find forest retreats    Camping in Your Margaret River Region

Emerging from the Indian Ocean at Cape Naturaliste, Sugarloaf Rock is one of the most photographed coastal landforms in the region.

Your Margaret River Region Forests, Reserves & Scenic Spots

A Maze’n Margaret River - Our Amaze’n Margaret River Maze and Botanical Gardens, Café and Gardens have now been open to the public for over seven years…with the A Maze’n 18 hole mini golf fnow over 3 years old. Our A Maze’n three metre high Margaret River Giant Hedge Maze,...
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse - The historic Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse at Augusta is situated at the tip of a spectacular peninsula where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet – the most south-westerly point of Australia. Take a trip through maritime history and learn how this famous landmark was constructed from...
Mammoth Cave - This magical cave is a natural time capsule, home to ancient fossil remains of long-extinct giant animals known as Australian Megafauna. The site of one of Australia’s most important paleontological digs in the early 1900’s, the cave still contains the fossil jawbone of one of...
Lake Cave - Lake Cave is a stunning pristine chamber deep beneath the earth. Inside the cave a tranquil lake reflects delicate formations that will take your breath away. Visitors descend a staircase in time, gazing up at towering karri trees from the floor of the sunken forest,...
Jewel Cave Augusta - Entering Jewel Cave is a surreal experience. Jewel Cave is an underground wonderland – a dazzling visual display of some of nature’s finest and most meticulous work. Admire creations that have taken thousands of years to form – the stalactites and helictites have to be...
Signal Park - Toilets are available and open 24 hours
EcoAdventures Margaret River - Our Electric Quad Bikes are an innovative tourism experience. An exciting and adventurous way to explore the forest of the Margaret River Region. Departure is a 20 minute drive south of Margaret River, at the corner of Vlam Road and Caves Road, Boranup, where your...
Boranup Forest Maze - Come along Caves Road, through some of the finest tall forest and farmland in the South West, and discover the Boranup Forest Maze, nestled on the edge of the Boranup Forest. Stretch your legs and experience the forest trail atmosphere of the maze which is...
Caladenia Close Beachfront - Dog exercise area from Caladenia Close to Rocky Point Beach Reserve
Point Dalling - Point Dalling
McBride Park - McBride Park
Heseltine Park - Heseltine Park
Bunker Bay - Bunker Bay
Seymour Park - Seymour Park
Cowaramup Recreation Ground - Cowaramup Recreation Ground
Redgate Beach - For the bird enthusiasts! Australasian Gannet, Eastern Reef Egret, Osprey and Hooded Plover are all worth looking for. In the vegetation near the beach, you can also look for Rock Parrot, Little Eagle, Australian Hobby and Nankeen Kestrel.
Barnard Park - Barnard Park
Wilmott Park - Wilmott Park
Old Dunsborough Boatramp - Old Dunsborough Boatramp
Augusta War Memorial - Augusta War Memorial
Georgette Drive Park - Georgette Drive Park
Centennial Park Dunsborough - Centennial Park Dunsborough
Lions Park Dunsborough - Lions Park Dunsborough
Hardy Inlet - For the bird enthusiasts! Hardy Inlet and the Blackwood River are excellent for boating and canoeing. Look for migratory waders (November to March), Darter and Caspian Tern. Along the Blackwood River you may be lucky to see the Black Bittern! Keep an eye out also...
Grunters - Grunters
Water Wheel to Skippy Rock - Water Wheel to Skippy Rock
Augusta Civic Park - Augusta Civic Park
Cape Freycinet - Cape Freycinet
Conto’s Beach - Conto’s Beach
Churchill Park - Churchill Park
Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) - VIEW THE LIST OF NATIONAL PARK CAMPING
Granny’s Pool - Granny’s Pool
Bovell Park Sports Ground - Bovell Park Sports Ground
Busselton Volunteer Marine Rescue - Busselton Volunteer Marine Rescue
Lou Weston Park - Lou Weston Park
Mitchell Park - Mitchell Park
Rotary Park Busselton - There are public toilets here open 24 hours
Ellis Street Jetty Augusta - There are 24 hour toilets and drinking water is accessible
Blackwood Ave Augusta - There is a new toilet block 100 metres down from the Augusta Visitor Centre on Blackwood Ave.
Surfers Point - Surfers Point is a great spot for picnics, whether you just throw a rug or towel on the soft green grass or make use of the two gazebos – one with a BBQ and picnic table, the other with benches to sit on. Many a...
Memorial Park Margaret River - Memorial Park Margaret River
Gloucester Park Margaret River - Gloucester Park Margaret River
Quindalup Boat Ramp - Dog exercise area from east of Public Boat Ramp to Campion Way East End and Geographe Bay Road, Quindalup (East End) to Toby’s Inlet, Marybrook
Quinninup Falls - Quinninup Falls
Cape Clairault - Cape Clairault
Cape Naturaliste - Cape Naturaliste
Knobby Head - Knobby Head
Point Frederick - Point Frederick
Point Matthew - Point Matthew
Moses Rock - Moses Rock
Meekadarabee Falls - Meekadarabee Falls
Green Hill Road Augusta - Green Hill Road Augusta
Meekadarabee Falls Walk - Meekadarabee Falls Walk
Vasse Wonnerup Wetlands - The Vasse-Wonnerup wetlands lie on the outskirts of Busselton, gateway to one of WA’s most popular holiday regions, where people escape the heat of summer to enjoy the rugged coast, sheltered beaches, forests, caves, farmlands and vineyards of Your Margaret River Region. The wetlands vary...
Brockman Highway to Pemberton - Brockman Highway to Pemberton
Cape Naturaliste Track - Cape Naturaliste Track
Gracetown Beach - The dog exercise area is Gracetown Beach – South of Cowaramup Brook
Ludlow Tuart Forest - It is a magnificent ancient forest with 300-400 year old trees standing on average 33m high with girths of a massive 10m. Wide open vistas can be enjoyed, with scenes of massive trees, understorey of peppermint trees, wildflowers and large mobs of kangaroos. There are...
Wyadup Road - Wyadup Road
Flat Rock - Flat Rock
Cape Hamelin - Cape Hamelin
Carter Road Margaret River - Carter Road Margaret River
Davis Road Forest Grove - Davis Road Forest Grove
Forest Grove Road - Forest Grove Road
Abbey’s Farm Road - Abbey’s Farm Road
Skippy Rock Road - Skippy Rock Road
Augusta Lookout - Augusta Lookout
Rosabrook Road - Rosabrook Road
Caves Road - Caves Road
Sabina Road - Sabina Road
Carbanup Reserve - Carbanup Reserve
Ambergate Nature Reserve & Walk Trail - Go wild about wildflowers during the Springtime with over 360 plant species recorded at Ambergate. From tall trees and shrubs such as Banksia, Marri, Jarrah, Peppermints and Snottygobble, to creepers and ground covers and 26 species of orchid. Summer brings late flowering plants like those...
Blythe Reserve - Blythe Reserve
Marri Reserve - Marri Reserve
Meelup Reserve - Meelup Reserve
Castle Rock Bay - Castle Rock Bay
Point Picquet - Point Picquet
Flinders Bay - There is a dog exercise area from the surfer’s lookout, Albany Terrace, south to the point where Albany Terrace turns west.
Rotary Park Margaret River - While walking along Ten Mile Brook Dam Trail starting from Rotary Park and around The Old Settlement, keep an eye out for the White- breasted Robin, Golden Whistler and other bush Birds. This is also a great spot for Wildflowers in the spring!
Fraggle Rock Prevelly - Fraggle Rock Prevelly
Shivery Rock - Shivery Rock
Guillotine - Guillotine
The Farm & Boneyards - The Farm & Boneyards
Smiths & Supertubes - Smiths & Supertubes
Boodjidup - Boodjidup
Bombie & Boatramps - Bombie & Boatramps
The Box - The Box
The Womb - The Womb
South Point & Huzzawuiie - South Point & Huzzawuiie
North Point - North Point
Honeycombs - Honeycombs
Injidup Point Carparks & Pea Break - Injidup Point Carparks & Pea Break
Yallingup & Rabbit Hill - Yallingup & Rabbit Hill
Three Bears - Three Bears
Boranup Beach - Boranup Beach
Left Handers - Left Handers
The Window - The Window
Windmills - Windmills
Wildcats - Wildcats
Rocky Point - Rocky Point
The Quarries - The Quarries
Deepdene - Deepdene
Cape to Cape Track - The Cape to Cape Walk Track runs for 135 kilometres along the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge, between the lighthouses of Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin (guided tours available daily). It features spectacular coastal and forest scenery, fascinating geological formations such as limestone cliffs, caves and headlands and...
Gnarabup Oval - Gnarabup Oval
Holgate Road Broadwater - The dog exercise area is from Holgate Road to Alan Street (Busselton Beach Area)
Pioneer Park Cowaramup - Pioneer Park Cowaramup
Riflebutts - There is a dog park adjacent and a well sized strip of dog friendly beach. The dog exercise area is Riflebutts Reserve south to prolongation from P.A.W. Papadakis Avenue, but excluding the children’s playground area.
Blackwood River - Blackwood River
Hamelin Bay Beach - Hamelin Bay Beach
Boranup Karri Forest - The sight of these enormous trees won’t be the only thing to amaze you. This forest is a feast for the senses with the forest floor tumbling with wildflowers, orchids and funghi (in season) together with the sounds of native birds and the fresh smell...
Gnarabup Beach - The dog exercise area is Gnarabup Beach from Narda Avenue entrance 300 metres South West.
10 Mile Brook Dam Walk Trail - While walking along Ten Mile Brook Dam Trail starting from Rotary Park and around The Old Settlement, keep an eye out for the White- breasted Robin, Golden Whistler and other bush Birds. This is also a great spot for Wildflowers in the spring!
10 Mile Brook Dam - 10 Mile Brook Dam
Cosy Corner to Skippy Rock - Cosy Corner to Skippy Rock
Hamelin Bay to Cosy Corner Walk - Hamelin Bay to Cosy Corner Walk
Kondil Park Wildflower Walk - The Sheok walk (1-3 hours, 2.4km loop) is located in the Kondil Park Recreation Area was once milled for timber, most notably from the Casuarina tree, also known as the sheok. Much of the bushland has recovered, revealing a great diversity of natural vegetation. Late...
Crooked Brook Forest Wildflower Walk - The Forest Path at Crooked Brook is a hidden jewel for those with limited mobility, providing easy access to an area of natural bushland in Dardanup, near Bunbury. The path features interpretive signage about the flora and fauna and plenty of bench seats. Forest Path,...
Eagle Bay - Eagle Bay
Siesta Park - Siesta Park
Port Geographe - Port Geographe
Toby Inlet - Toby Inlet
Dunsborough Foreshore - Dunsborough Foreshore
Gas Bay - Gas Bay
Ellensbrook Mainbreak - Ellensbrook Mainbreak
Gallows - Gallows
Margaret River Mouth - Margaret River Mouth
Foul Bay - Foul Bay is a beautiful 3 km long, open west-facing bay bordered by Knobby Head and White Cliff Point. In between is 4 km of irregular rocky shoreline dominated by granite in the south and calcarenite in the north. It contains seven small beaches that...
Injidup Beach - Injidup Beach
Canebrake Pool - There are seven designated camping sites, most are suitable for a small van or camper trailer. A picnic area on the banks of the pool provides excellent fresh water swimming and canoeing. Long-drop sealed vault toilets are provided CAMPFIRES Check the latest information on campfire...
Sue’s Bridge Campground - Sues Bridge has an undercover camp kitchen with gas barbeques, cold water taps (collected rainwater), dishwashing sinks, food preparation surfaces and picnic tables and benches. Of the 25 individual camp sites nine are suitable for regular size camper trailers or caravans. The other 16 can...
Chapman Pool Campsite - Chapman Pool has 9 small campsites close to the water, plus an area for large groups to set up camp. The small campsites are nestled in the bush and separated from the track by logs. There is not a lot of parking room, so the...
Warner Glen Campsite - There are nine individual camp sites which are suitable for campervans, camper trailers, caravans and tents and a separate `open` camping area that can accommodate five tents. The `open` area is ideal for small groups camping together. There are undercover gas barbeques. GENERATORS Generators are...
Conto’s Campsite - Conto Campground has 116 camp sites nestled amongst the coastal peppermint woodland. The campground has a range of site types catering for tents through to sites suitable for large caravans and camper trailers. The Cape to Cape walking track is directly accessible from the campground...
Point Road Campsite - Point Road campground on the edge of the magnificient towering karris of Boranup Forest is accessible only by 4WD vehicle. It is an `open` campground without separate individual campsites that can accommodate seven tents and small 4WD campervans. GENERATORS Generators are not permitted. CAMPFIRES Campfires...
Boranup Campground - The small campground, close to the magnificient towering karris of Boranup Forest, can accommodate just seven tents and small campervans only. GENERATORS Generators are not permitted. CAMPFIRES Campfires are usually permitted, in the provided fire rings only, between April 15 and November 30 but fire...
Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park - The national park takes in amazing views of the stunning Indian Ocean complete with tidal pools, lagoons, sandy beaches, rugged cliffs and rock formations. Wildlife is abundant with chance sightings of dolphins surfing beach breaks and humpback and southern right whales can often be seen...
Wadandi Track - HISTORY The railway line was built in the 1880s by prominent timber businessman M. C. Davies, who laid a number of lines to take timber from his mills to jetties at Hamelin Bay and Flinders Bay for export. By 1916 the timber industry had declined...
Yelverton Protea Farm - Yelverton Protea Farm was established and hand planted by the Thorpe family in 1988. Since this time the farm has been producing fresh cut Proteas for the local and international markets. Centrally located between the south-west capes in the Margaret River Wine Region and set...
Burt Court Beachfront - Dog exercise area – Geographe Bay Road, Quindalup (between Burt Court & Dunn Bay Road Beach Area)
Guerin Street Beachfront - Dog exercise area from Guerin Street (east to Freycinect drive – Beach Reserve only)
Craig Street Busselton Beachfront - Dog exercise area from Craig Street to King Street (Busselton Beach Area)
Canal Rocks to Wyadup - Canal Rocks to Wyadup
Bunker Bay to Dunsborough Walk - Bunker Bay to Dunsborough Walk
Mangrove Cove Boardwalk Bunbury - Mangrove Cove Boardwalk Bunbury
Bibbulmun Track - One of the most recognised walks in the region is the Bibbulmun Track which stretches for nearly 1000 kilometres between Kalamunda in Perth and Albany on the south coast. Opened on the 13th September 1998 the award-winning Bibbulman Track is one of the world’s great...
Possum Spotlighting Trail Busselton Tuart Forest - Possum Spotlighting Trail Busselton Tuart Forest
Lions Park Busselton - Lions Park Busselton
Cosy Corner - The beach at Cosy Corner is generally sheltered and is popular for swimming. The limestone platform on the beach to the south of the car park contains many blowholes able to spurt water up to 6m high on rough days. Diving The sprinkling of islands...
Smiths Beach - Smiths Beach
Yallingup Beach - Yallingup Beach
Meelup Beach - Meelup Beach
Busselton Foreshore - Busselton Foreshore
Meelup Reserve Trail - A walk along this trail will take you to isolated petite bays and coves through to the famous and popular bays and beaches that have facilities such as picnic areas, barbecues, showers and toilets. The trail starts just off Hurford Street in Old Dunsborough where...
Canal Rocks - Thousands of years of the Indian Ocean surging and crashing against this section of granite coastline has chiselled out a narrow channel between the granite rocks. A narrow timber walkway allows for easy access and great views of the rushing ocean beneath. It is always...
Sugarloaf Rock - The best place to view the rock and the crashing seas is from the elevated lookout. It is easy to get to the top with only 20 steps (approximately). Due to the narrow channel of water you are quite close to the rock. But you...
Waljin Aboriginal Gardens - Wander through the interpretive aboriginal gardens designed by local Nyungar, Mitchella Thompson. ‘Waljin’ means rainbow girls.
Balingup Lavender Farm - Balingup Lavender Farm is a working farm with over 10,000 English Lavender plants.From these crops our own unique Essential Oil is distilled on the farm premises. An extensive and exclusive range of lavender products are sold from the Gift Shop and Art Gallery. All these...

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