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Fre-Jac French Bakery

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COVID-19 Update for Fre-Jac French Bakery

All our products will be available from our factory in Vasse or you can buy raw frozen products to take home. Social distancing will be observed in-store. Open from 7am to 3pm.


Fre-Jac Bakery is an Authentic French Patisserie located a short drive from both Margaret River and Busselton. Fre-Jac offers a wonderful selection of bread and pastries produced by hand just like in Paris. Pastries such as Croissants, pain au raisin, apple turnover, strudel, pecan and twists and Traditional Breads like Baguette tradition and sourdough, pochon (traditional buckwheat sourdough, fig bread, white loaf, brioche and fougasse are all additive, GMO and preservative free and made with high quality ingredients imported from France or soured locally.

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Fre-Jac Bakery in Vasse is former Parisians Roselyne and Jean-Marie’s passion. Hand crafting Authentic French Cuisine with local and imported ingredients from France. How Fre-Jac came to be: In August 2006 Roselyne and partner Jean-Marie decided to settle in Balingup and opened Fre-Jac Restaurant and Bakery. The restaurant gained success quickly and was embraced in the South West with people coming from far and wide to enjoy the French flavours. Roselyne was the restaurant chef and Jean-Marie baked all the extremely popular French bread in the bakery. Life was a little slower in Balingup than in Paris, but the French couple were very happy with their move and enjoyed the lifestyle. Jean Marie then extended the bakery business to include participation in local Farmers Markets. Gradually the bakery expanded until it became the focal point, finally the couple decided to relocate Fre-Jac Bakery to Vasse, closer to their main customer base and with that decision the restaurant was closed. Their new premises opened in July 2012, since then Roselyne and Jean-Marie have attend many Farmers Markets and Events in pursuit of a diverse customer base. With some customers following them weekly to different markets to get the freshest product All products are made with French flour, no additives, no preservatives, no GMO If you are unable to come and see us in Vasse, then we attend many farmers markets all over the south west, just visit our website and view our calendar for days and times of where we will be.

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Kathryn Batchelor
We call past every sw trip for the waffles. Best i have eaten in Australia.
Lena Baumann
Great service, lovely product and the kids love it!!