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Happs Pottery + Icon Honey will be open daily from 10am-5pm. Unfortunately honey tastings are not available due to hygiene requirements and we have moved our honey jars behind our sales desk to limit the number of people touching them. We have in place a process for cleaning pottery items that are handled in order to ensure the products are kept hygienic as well. The number of people in the retail space is restricted to 8. With regard to pottery workshops, spaces are extremely limited and will need to be discussed on a case by case scenario. However, we can provide for a group of four people with appropriate social distancing measures in place and a hygienic environment ensured. Records of those attending lessons will be kept. All staff have undertaken the COVID AHA Hospitality and Tourism Hygiene Safety Training (and passed!)

Happs Pottery & Icon Honey

Daily from 10am - 5pm
749 Caves Rd, Anniebrook WA 6280
From Dunsborough: 10kms along Caves Road – about 9 minutes, heading to Busselton. From Busselton: head to Dunsborough, see the Ramada Resort on the right, Flame Tree on the left; pass Chain Ave slow down and turn left in the driveway just before the 90km sign.
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Experiences galore at Happs Pottery + Icon Honey! See a working pottery studio, take a pottery lesson and enjoy delicious free tastings of incredible honey!

Happs Pottery features the work of five potters in a working studio: Myles, Finn, Harry, Denise and Maggie. They create a range of pots that are just right for a sweet little thank you gift or luxurious wedding present. The glazes in contemporary styles decorate platters, mugs, keep cups, bowls, plates and beautiful ornamental pieces.

All of the pottery is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. Leave knowing you are taking home something that was made with loving and muddy hands.

Many people want to experience making their own special 'pot.'  Pottery lessons are available as two-hour workshops, and there is an option to have the pot glazed and fired. Bookings at the Happs Pottery website. 

Icon Honey recognises the highly valued and iconic West Australian honey varietals. The honey collected is from their own beehives and a network of friendly beekeepers. Try it and you will see it is incredibly delicious! From the renowned molasses flavoured Jarrah to the familiar favourite Redgum, light and sweet Karri to rich flavoured Blackbutt, very local tangy Peppi (from the Peppermint tree) to the winter Wildflower from the north – sweet and floral. There is something for everyone... and your family and friends. 

Make sure you take a bit of time to have a look at the bee wall while visiting. The locally made bespoke wall reveals the bees as they work in a hive. Maybe you will even get to spot the queen. The honey is available through the Icon Honey website. 

Children are very welcome to play on the trampoline, shoes off and no sticks! Supervision is definitely required for little kids as it is quite high off the ground but big kids including adults use at own risk! There is also a rustic rope swing where you can pretend to be Captain Jack Sparrow swinging off a mast… or Tarzan. Just don’t bump into the tree! 

There are two friendly Jack Russell dogs, Lola and Otis, who will often come and greet you.   

"Our happiest call to fame is that visitors say they found out about us from their friends...because they have our pottery and honey in their homes. Come and visit, we’d love to show you around." 

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Highly recommended! A group of us went to try pottery for the first time and Finn looked after us so well. We had a really great experience and would definitely do it again. It's great for all skill levels and something different to do down south! Definitely worth checking out if you are in the area! Jennifer Chan
Did the pottery introduction here today. Was a good learning experience and the staff were very friendly and helpful. Bit of artistic fun for the other half. She enjoyed it. Old shop feel to the place. Would do pot here again 5/5 Alex Pol
Wonderful experience to see superior quality pottery in the making and delight to talk to Miles and his friendly staff. Viola Hutchison
My Hubby Dean and I Spent the afternoon learning all about pottery and clay, was such a great way to spend a few hours, thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Looking forward to getting our end products. 😊 Thanks Myles. Tasha Scholes
We had a great time learning how to make pottery , would definitely go again . Le Gypsy
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