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Injidup Beach

lot 6282, LOT 10 Cape Clairault Rd, Yallingup WA 6282
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There is no spa in the world as exclusive as this one. Down a rutted walking track from the Injidup car park is a natural rock pool formation known as the “Injidup Spa”.

Clamber over rock to a pool washed by wild ocean, a thrill of cold water fizzing over skin in surging waves.

Turbulent and foaming, this is the natural spa. But there’s more to Injidup than this geographical phenomenon alone. As a stretch of beach, Injidup is known for its surf breaks, diving, and rugged outlook.

Water that is jewel-blue to shore deepens to reflect the intensity of swell hitting from the Indian Ocean. Crowds are scarcely a problem here, but in any case the beach is long enough for all combers to stake out their own patch of sand. Fishing from shore can yield rewards and – in the cooler months – ocean play-time can be exchanged for a walk along this section of the Cape to Cape track.

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Google Reviews

What an amazing beach. Blue, calm but then also some awesome waves on the right day. A must stop when out in Yallingup Aaron Jones
One of the best beaches on the area! Not crowded at all, amazing view and water. Ignacio Frigerio
Nice beach on the Cape to Cape Track. At the top of the stairs there's a viewing platform, with benches. Great spot to stop for a bite. Andrew Guillaume
Great beach, good for surfing too. David Grau Banks
Great surf! Doesn't always fire but when it does........ Doug Arnold
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