Margaret River Mouth

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Come and see where the majestic Margaret River enters the Indian Ocean. A great spot for surfing, body boarding and body surfing. At the right time of year you can see the river burst it's banks and spill into the ocean. This beach is patrolled in summer months, swimmers are advised to be aware of conditions.

With regards to surfing the Rivermouth is a haphazard, punchy wave that can be surfable in all wind directions. It’s also the spot that gave birth to the style of many of the area’s up and comers, Jack Robinson, Shaun Manners and Jacob Willcox, to name a few.
“Rivermouth’s a fun little wave when it’s on,” says Willcox.
“It one of the most consistent spots in the area too so you can almost always score a couple of waves there.”

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Margaret River Mouth