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Margaret River Skate Park & Youth Precinct

Open 24 Hours
Wallcliffe Rd, Margaret River WA 6285
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The Margaret River Skate Park and Youth Precinct includes one of the most renowned regional skateparks in Australia, with two community facilities including the Zone Room and Scout Hall. The recent expansion of skate, scooter and BMX facilities within the park include something for everyone, with the park boasting a half pipe with extension, a bowl, wave ramp, ¼ pipe, fun box and numerous roll-ins and hips. This park is ideal for all levels of skating from beginners to advanced levels.

Managed by Shire of Augusta Margaret River and the Youth Advisory Council (YAC), the precinct is a dynamic hub for young people in the community. The park has CCTV, public WIFI and lighting every night until 10pm. There is also a new raised stage area for music events, parkour and play equipment, BBQ areas, shade, landscaping, spectator seating, public toilets and much more. The Zone Room is a youth space conveniently located beside the skate park, offering a multi-functional meeting space with a separate office, pool table, and lots of chairs and tables.  

Google Reviews

Fantastic skate park for beginners and more advanced skaters. Good fun boxes, quarters, ledges, smooth surfaces and perfect angles on hips and ramps. Awesome rolling path around perimeter og park for younger kids to practice on without getting in way. Lots of room to accommodate busy periods. Cafe located in/ next to park. One of the best in WA. Brilliantly designed, lots of families, an example.of how great a skatepark can mean to community! OZ EE
Cool park. Plenty of space, chill crew who didn't mind us newbies stuffing around too much. Good lines and wide variety of features. 8/6 would skate again. Blue Moose
Great place to visit for all ages. Kids loved the track around the outside. Play ground is also good for the little kids Hannah Padwick
This is a great place for all levels of skate boarding crews. The park is well maintained and has an awesome layout. It’s got lights which can stay on in the evenings and during the day you can grab something to eat as well. Highly recommend it for some free fun. Jordan McArthur
Wow this council has nailed it. Great facility for children of all ages. Massive skate park with a smaller track outside for the younger ones as well as kids obstacle course. HungryDad AUS2
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