The journey to Quinninup Falls is every bit as beautiful as the falls themselves but while the walk is very rewarding it is also quite physically challenging.
Before you leave, make sure you tell someone where you are going, take plenty of water and allow yourself enough sunlight to get there and back. As a guide it takes approximately 45 minutes to walk to the falls and almost an hour to walk back, depending on your fitness level and age of your children. Also factor in time to spend exploring the falls. All up the trip can take around two hours.
To get to the falls park your car at the Moses Road carpark. On your left you will see toilets and a viewing platform and to the right is the path to the falls. At the start of the path there are three small wooden posts and some large bushes either side. As you are walking along keep a look out for the Cape to Cape Track signs, if you can see them you are going the right way!
The path to and from Quinninup Falls varies from flat and easy to rocky and uneven. There are also few big sand dunes that are a breeze coming down, but physically challenging climbing up.
The view is breathtaking and well worth the effort. At the start of the walk you can see and hear the waves crashing against the shore and surfers enjoying the ocean. There is a bridge with a stream running underneath it, you then walk out into red dirt plane before the land dips and weaves and Quinninup Falls appears.
The sudden change between the ocean and sand dunes and the waterfall is surprising and a welcome contrast. One minute you can hear the wind and the waves crashing against the shore and then you step down into a small, quiet, green sanctuary and the sound of the rushing waterfall takes centre stage.

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Mr Bateman
Really nice place, but had some trouble finding it at first. Google took me to a 4x4 track (my car would of gotten bogged) and rerouted to a private property. However I went to the Moses Rock Road Car Park and took the Quinninup falls walking trail to get there (well worth it). About a 1.5 hour walk there and back so bring some water and some snacks. Great view, just not much water coming down the falls in summer 😊👍
Paul Pichugin
A winter only waterfall and even then, not every winter, we need to have quite a wet winter for this to flow properly.
Michael Port
I really enjoy this place every time I go. The walk that starts just off Moses rock road is really nice but might take soon map guidance if you haven’t done it before. Went with my partner and even though the waterfall wasn’t flowing much at all it was still a very pleasant morning. If you want a nice challenge you can also climb up through the trees to the left of the falls to get to the top of the falls. There is some nice exploring to do up there when there’s water. :)
Jeffrey Dobell
The place is magical and it has a positive feel to it