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The Wadandi (Saltwater) people are the traditional owners of this land. Quinninup is the Place of the Zamia Palm, and the Falls, and the area surrounding the Falls, are of immense importance to Wadandi culture.

"While visiting we ask that you walk softly, taking the time to listen to and care for Boodja (Country)."

• Do not remove or alter any rock formations or flora
• Stick to dedicated walking trails
• Leave only footprints

To learn more about Wadandi culture visit Undalup. com or take part in a Cultural experience with Koomal Dreaming.

Quinninup Falls is a beautiful winter waterfall, not far from the coast near Moses Rock. The hike to the falls is very rewarding, but also quite physically challenging. Depending on your fitness level, it takes around 45 minutes to walk to the falls and almost an hour to walk back. Factor in time to spend exploring the falls and allow yourself enough sunlight to get there and back. Remember to take plenty of water!

To get to the falls, park at the Moses Road carpark. On your left, you will see toilets and a viewing platform and to the right is the path to the falls. At the start of the path, there are three small wooden posts and some large bushes on either side. As you are walking along keep a lookout for the Cape to Cape Track signs - if you can see them you are going the right way! 

The path varies from flat and easy to rocky and uneven, there are also few big sand dunes that are a breeze coming down, but physically challenging climbing up. However, the view is breathtaking and well worth the effort. At the start of the walk, you can see and hear the waves crashing against the shore and surfers enjoying the ocean. There is a bridge with a winter stream running underneath it, you then walk out into a red dirt plain before the land dips and weaves and Quinninup Falls appears.

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Google Reviews

Nice little trek with wildflowers & awesome ocean views on the Cape to Cape track then turn up towards the waterfalls. Beautiful Falls with great views of more waterfalls if you trek on the trail up besides the initial falls. Also on the way back detoured to the beach where the creek runs into the ocean. Also a stunning little spot. Matthew Kelly
Great little hike, starts from the Mosses Rock car park and follows part of the Cape to Cape track along to coast. Only one hard part of the climb is coming back up the sand dune from the falls but should be easy enough for everyone. At the end of the walk you come to a nice little waterfall. christian howard
After Google maps took us on a wild goose chase, we finally found the correct route to the falls. Moses Rock rd to the Cape to Cape track is the key. The trail to the falls is very narrow, but easy enough to follow and the falls aren't too far from the parking approx. 3.5km return. Waterfalls are always a treat after some rain and this one was no different. I loved how the soil colour changed along the track from dark and muddy to pale beach sand and finally red. I recommend taking a stroll along the beach on your return from the falls. Sonja Bouwer
As a plus size person this hike was not easy!! Did the hike with my family in about 1.5 hrs including return. It was beautiful with the coastline views along the way and then the falls were very nice to see and refreshing to splash around in! We even filled a water bottle and it was the freshest water I’ve ever tasted! There were a few spots along the track where you couldn’t avoid mud however the hardest bit was walking back up the steep sand dune on the return trip. I’m glad I did it however be prepared if you’re not an experienced hiker/fit person! Nikki Wholey
Hike with my 71 year old mum, we both enjoyed the hike to these beautiful 10m waterfalls and could see the beach the entire way, which I did not expect. Make sure you park at the Moses Rock Road car park and trek from there, I have heard that google maps can lead you on dodgy 4WD tracks. Go while it’s been raining as it’s the only time to see it. Lil Lozbreemads
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