You'll need 4WD to get to Three Bears along Sugar Loaf Road, but once there you'll have the choice of three breaks which will make it worth your while! Mama, Papa and Baby Bears are fun in a south west swell with anything from east to nor-east winds.

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Three Bears

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Bronte Alcock
Great place for a day visit. Easy 4X4 drive to get there.
Wayne Edwards
Great views good 4 wheeling
Erin Guerinoni
The most beautiful, natural, spiritual beach only accessible by four wheel drive. When you sit in the water with those perfect big waves rolling in, looking at the natural white beach in front of you with the limestone cathedral protecting it, you understand how blessed we are to have this perfect place. Three Bears was named by Yallingup surfing identity George Simpson in the 70s, when you had to bump your way up a rough track from Yallingup. When George discovered the three perfect surf breaks along the beach, he named them Baby Bear, Mama Bear and Papa Bear. "Babies" as it's known gets the most crowded, but it's social, mature, and when it looks packed a lot of surfers sit closer to shore as "decoys" for the guys and girls taking the bigger waves out the back. There's no better natural feeling when you hear the cry "out the back, out the back" and paddle out wide to turn and take one of the bigger sneakers. This wave is one of the best in the world for those who've travelled, and still a relative secret, even though the car park gets packed with tour-orists at busy times. Seriously, why would you go anywhere else apart from WA's beautiful south west beaches with white sand and perfect surf.
Marika Martini
Beautiful landscape when u go down the stairs and u have the all view in front of you it's really nice. You can go for a long walk along the cost or just relax on the sand, but it is not the best place to swim though because quite wave and rocky. But a good place for surfers!