Victory Point Wines



Victory Point Wines is a family owned and operational Vineyard. Our aim is to produce Premium Quality Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay Wines for which the region is Internationally renowned

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We aim to create an enduring family business which will override the fashions of the wine markets by making decisions based on the goal of producing the best quality wine from the varieties best suited to our chosen location

We are trying to replicate the best vineyards in the area, which were the pioneers, who created the original unirrigated vineyards which now produce the icon wines of Margaret River

The name Victory Point is derived from the almost forgotten site located at the end of our road
Local historians have told us it was seconded and named by the district’s pioneers, either because of the famous victories that occurred on the cricket pitch that is still there, or more likely, because the area was used to train the local lads prior to their departure for WWII
Community celebrations were held here, including the announcement of Peace at the end of the war

We chose the name Victory Point to represent the celebratory and community spirit of country Australia

The decision to not irrigate the vineyard was made at the initial planning stage in an effort to maximise the complexity of flavours from the fruit and the individual characteristics of the vineyard at each vintage
The theory being, that roots forced to go deep to find the water table will pass through a more complex array of mineral and vegetative matter and thus obtain a more complex combination of flavours
The subtleties and variation of each vintage are truly reflected in wines produced from unirrigated vines