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Wulura Farms

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1071 Wildwood Rd, Yallingup WA 6281
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Wulura - Extra virgin olive oil and premium wines

The Wulura farm and vineyard nestles in countryside so pristine and beautiful you can understand the urge to bottle it. The name Wulura links two Aboriginal words wulu (keep) and ra (forever), so Wulura means literally to keep forever. This reflects a love of the land that endures forever. Throughout its range of premium wines and extra virgin olive oil, all products bearing the Wulura marque embody excellence and prestige. Wulura is the hallmark of distinction.

Wulura...Quality without compromise.

At Wulura Farms they have 6000 carefully nurtured olive trees that produce extra virgin olive oil of the finest quality. Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is gradually gaining recognition as a flavoursome alternative to butter, margarine and other crop oils. Long recognized as part of a healthy Mediterranean diet, olive oil is one of the few things that will improve your diet whilst improving the flavour of your meal.

The olive tree is ideally suited to the Margaret River region. Their sun-ripened fruit is hand-harvested and within 24 hours the olives are pressed and processed into oil. That means it is straight from the tree to the bottle to you, free from any additives, for the ultimate in purity and freshness. Use Wulura extra virgin olive oil to cook with, dip your bread in, as a salad dressing, in cakes and muffins, or drizzle it over just about anything. Yum! 

At Wulura, they believe that life is too short not to use fresh, locally grown produce and to that end Wulura is proud of the oils that they produce. Wulura is also a major grape growing vineyard that supplies fruit to some of the bigger wineries in the region, growing a range of high quality grapes including shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, chardonnay, chenin blanc, semillon and sauvignon blanc. These are handcrafted into a selection of red and white wines, available only from the farm office.

Drop into their tasting room for a warm welcome and see their full range of wine. Taste their Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oi, learn about Extra Virgin Olive Oil, hear how easy it is to cook with, about its healthy qualities and even receive recipes. Become as passionate as they are! 

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Excellent olive oil. They also have wine ($5 for a tasting) and cheese ($3 for a tasting) Mindaugas Tijusas
Great wine and Olive Oil Paul Bartlett
Grant Gilmour
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