Canebrake Pool

Star 4.6 (62 Google reviews)

Fresh water and isolation is one of the Margaret River region’s signature landscape narratives.
Canebrake Pool is far from being central or convenient: shoot off from town down Osmington way, and take the left hand turn for a long gravel road journey. The adventure is thrilling, for it is stunning.

Enclosed by Jarrah-Marri forest on most sides, entrance to the pool is via a civilised timber staircase 20 metres from the main car park. The pool is deep, still and a playground for kayaks, day-tripping picnickers, and swimmers who call the surrounding Canebrake Pool campgrounds a temporary home during the high season of summer.

As part of the upper Margaret River, the critically endangered hairy marron is found in the waterway. Don’t be tempted to fish. Do take the time to experience the silence.

The cool slide of silt-silken river water against skin. Look up and see the tower of trees from river level and be reminded of the beauty that makes this region special.



Canebrake Pool

Canebrake Pool, Treeton WA, Australia


Star 4.6 (62 Google reviews)
Amy Richardson 09 February 2022

I would not recommend Canebrake Pools at this present time. The vegetation is only just beginning to recover from the recent fires. The toilets are in desperate need of repair and the pool is still covered with chemical left overs from the foam used to battle the recent fire. And the soot….so much soot. I’m sure I’m another 6-12 months it will be back to its beautiful self.

Peter Clark 30 November 2021

Excellent swimming spot. I swam late November, the water was as warm as the ocean.

Alexander Polglaze 14 August 2021

Beautiful pool in the bush. Great place for a picnic.

damienhi406 15 March 2021

Really nice camp grounds, the toilet was in a very clean condition considering it was the end of a long weekend. The fresh water pool is amazing for a swim. If your looking for a really peaceful camp site then this is it!