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Tickets are now on sale for every all-inclusive bespoke experience for 2023. Don't miss out and experience Margaret River like a winemaker.

Earn Your Vino

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Earn Your Vino offers multi-day immersive experiences for wine lovers who are looking for their next holiday in one of Australia’s fantastic wine regions. Here you'll find an exciting new way to travel through Western Australia's wine regions. Join Earn Your Vino to travel slower, engage deeper, be more present, share experiences with others, have time to reflect and enjoy, support genuine producers, and reach for the soul of a place through people you meet.
Earn Your Vino services those who have a taste for the finer things in life, yet are hungry for a little adventure, a little discovery, those that are curious and open-minded. It's aimed at those who want to earn their drop of favourite wine and to learn about it along the way.

The Earn Your Vino team have put years of experience in travel journalism and living in Australia’s South West into crafting unique and unimaginable travel experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. Following the inaugural trip in February 2022, there are experiences planned for most of the 2023 year. The inaugural Pick n' Sip and Stir 'n Swirl experience will be available again and the new Meet the Maker, French Connection and From Italy With Love, all tickets are on sale now so you can experience Margaret River like a winemaker. 

When it comes to the wine side of things, they've got you covered; whether you are at the start of your wine journey and in need of a little tasting 101, or a wine expert who is ready to explore your favourite wine region from a different angle than JUST the grape juice. 

From bookable day trips and stay-longer vacations, interactive maps and follow-along audio guides, to secret “locals only” trails, behind-the-scenes winery action, and interviews with wine and travel experts: you'll find it all at Earn Your Vino in due course.

Of course, they've also got plenty of tasting tips and wine recommendations up their sleeves too.


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