Australians have fond memories of summer holidays. For children, they mean six weeks off from school playing down at the beach with mates. For mums and dads, it’s time to pack the esky, entertain the kids, and capture some happy snaps for the photo album.

This photo essay is a snapshot of what summer holidays mean to our cultural identity as Australians. You can almost hear the cackle of kids, smell the salty chips and feel the beat of the hot sun.

Photos taken at locations across the region including Busselton, Yallingup, Gracetown and Augusta.

Ice-cream can make a smile beam. Image: Ryan Murphy
Hot days with best friends and back-flips. Image: Lewis French
Yallingup-Dunsborough beach ocean
Yallingup Lagoon with its shallow waters is perfect for a cooling dip. Image: Ryan Murphy
LewisFrenchPhoto-2021-52-web Sweet Summer Nostalgia
Sandcastles made by many little hands stay not so little. Image: Lewis French
Serious air and water-time is a given during the holidays. Image: Lewis French
Yallingup-Dunsborough (4 of 8) surfing ocean
Feel the salty water between fingers and toes. Image: Ryan Murphy
Some of life's most peculiar treasures can be found in the wet sand. Image: Lewis French
Laps around the jetty are to be made for hours. Image: Lewis French
A coastal strip with an abundance of panoramic views. Image: Ryan Murphy
LewisFrenchPhoto-2021-52-web Sweet Summer Nostalgia
No opportunities for salty swirls are missed. Image: Lewis French
A stroll along the jetty to feel the gentle zephyr. Image: Ryan Murphy
Perhaps the best moment of them all, curling up in a warm beach towel after a day on the beach. Image: Lewis French

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