Festival of Busselton – Pirate Dress Up Day & Competition

Tuesday, 10th January 2023 - 9:00am to 10:30am

SHIVER ME TIMBERS, THE PIRATES ARE BACK as part of the annual Festival of Busselton!

Now listen here, me hearties, if you’re a little pirate aged 12 years and under and the idea of dressing up sounds like fun, then get dressed in your finest Pirate outfit and head to the Busselton Jetty for some swashbuckling fun aboard the STS Leeuwin II Ship!

The Captain will be on the lookout for the best pirates so be sure to come dressed in your pirate best!  No need to register beforehand, just get dressed in your best pirate outfit and turn up on the day at the Leeuwin, docked on the Busselton Jetty!

Please come early to allow time for the walk out to the ship so you can get onboard at 9am and not miss any of the fun!

This is a FREE family event. Read more about other Festival of Busselton events here

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