SIXTEEN LEGS Exhibition at the 3 Oceans Winery

Sixteen Legs ‘Enter The Cave’ Exhibition

Thursday, 5th January 2023 - Tuesday, 14th February 2023
Next Occurrence: Saturday, 4th February 2023
10:00am to 5:00pm


Explore Australia’s Deepest Caves! 

SIXTEEN LEGS is a multi award-winning Arts/Science exploration of Australia’s deepest caves and some of the oldest still-living Australians that are found within them.

Although the project is based around the story of Tasmanian caves, it serves as a starting point for students and communities to think about exploration and adventure in their own parts of Australia, and the differences and similarities between different parts of our great continent.

The Exhibition is set up as a twisting interlocking cave-like maze that changes shape and structure at each different venue. The maze hosts a range of components, including lowing photos, sculptures, paintings, written works, music, vocals, video installations and more, all intertwined with the science and factual information.

Note: There may be intermittent closures of the exhibition, call 0404 839 193 to check on the day. 

Presented by the Bookend Trust.

3 Oceans Winery
8141 Bussell Highway