The music band Skye Eater posing for a photo

Skye Eater at Settlers Tavern

Saturday, 16th September 2023 - 9:00pm to 11:30pm


Sky Eater, a captivating duo formed by Chelsea Skyeater and TK Bassdread, blends Chelsea’s enchanting vocals with TK’s rootsy soundscapes, crafting a contemporary fusion of dub, trip-hop, and soulful pop.

Inspired by Björk, Portishead, and Morcheeba, they incorporate innovative live looping and dub effects into their performances, merging live instrumentation with polished electronic beats and midi instruments. This innovation defines their signature sound, featuring reverb-soaked piano, dreamy vocal melodies, and reggae-infused beats, often accompanied by Aya Trumpet. In 2023, they’re set to release new music and embark on exciting shows.

Don’t miss them at Settlers Tavern!

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