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Bellview Shell Collection

Monday - Wednesday: 9:00am until 5:00pm
Thursday: Closed
Friday - Sunday: 9:00am until 5:00pm
10291 Bussell Hwy, Witchcliffe WA 6286
Eight kilometres south of Margaret River on the left, straight down Bussell Highway, heading towards Augusta.
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Australia's largest private collection of shells and coral, if not one of the largest collections in the world.

Over 200 square metres of colourful and unique display area, with shells and corals collected from all around the world. Over 30,000 rare and beautiful specimens are on display, and shells and shell jewellery are available for sale. Shells, corals and jewellery consigned anywhere in the world.
Special showings by appointment for group bookings.

Entry Fee:
Adults: $8
Kids: $4

Google Reviews

Easily missed but glad we didn't. Not just another museum. An excellent collection of sea shells from in and out of australia. My family ended up spending a long time there looking through our favourite shells. Hkiow Ting
A very nondescript building made me wonder if it eas worth it...but it was. A personal collection of thousands of shells from across the globe. The owner is very friendly and happy to talk about his diving career and adventures. Definately with a look. Takes eft payments too. John Hill
This place was amazing! So much to look at. Lovely owners, had a great chat and learnt a lot. Such a big collection to look at. Amy Cornish
Loved it. Great to see such an impressive range of shells that overwhelmed me with how many types they had collected over so many decades due to their passion for shells. Richard Niven
So many shells, awesome Geoff Boston
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