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Canal Rocks

Open 24 Hours
Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, Canal Rocks Rd, Busselton WA 6280
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Witness spectacular seascape views across the Indian Ocean and up and down the remote coastline at Canal Rocks. Thousands of years of the Indian Ocean surging and crashing against this section of granite coastline has chiselled out a narrow channel between the granite rocks. A narrow timber walkway allows for easy access and great views of the rushing ocean beneath. It is always impressive no matter what the weather, but breathtaking when the big storms and swells roll in. 

The timber pathway meanders around and across the rocks, taking in grand seascapes with swirling water to little pools and lagoons where you can look for marine creatures like cheeky crabs to brightly coloured starfish. For something more challenging there are areas to climb over rocks, or take an energetic stroll to the lookout about 500m from the road. For the more adventurous, snorkelling and fishing are popular activities in the sheltered areas but be sure to heed the directional and warning signs. A finger jetty and boat ramp add to the facilities offered. Canal Rocks is on the Cape to Cape Track and is a popular stop for walkers with the freshwater spring located 100m below the track, north of the carpark. Canal Rocks also offers a two kilometre scenic walk to Wyadup Cliffs.  

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Google Reviews

Wow! Wow! Wow! Earth formation can be overwhelming and mostly creating great geographic shapes. These rocks have been beautifully created by nature, very well maintained and safe for climbing avoiding the steep slopes. Definitely worth the visit! jigme yonten chhogyal
It is ok to have a new shot in your camera. Really, it looks better and much more impressive in the pictures than being there. Nice spot. Stop if you are around there. I saw 3 buddies snorkeling... I don't know how good it is and I am not as courageos to take a dip alone with my family. Víctor Marín
Fresh sea air, flat walk paths. Great diving/snorkelling and fishing (off rocks). Lovely spot off caves road. Claire Grant
What an stunning view. The rocks itself are crazy with their unique formation and appearance. The view from here is simply beautiful. Climbing the rocks are entertaining with the whole area being a nice place to swim. Must visit place whilst travelling nearby. Lithesh Manivelan
Very pretty to see, nice experience. Great place to bring kids as they can climb the rocks at the end of the bridge AvocatoToast
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