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Gelato Buonissimo

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Gelato Buonissimo is the first and longest-running authentic Italian ice creamery in Western Australia.
Authentic Italian gelato made daily in Busselton.

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Our gelato is made in-store from scratch in the traditional way by owner Andy using South West dairy products for the base. The gelato is gluten-free and natural - no artificial flavourings or colourings are used.
We source local products and seasonal fruit to attain freshness and flavour such as our extremely popular Wild Flower Honey, Rosemary and Orange Zest which is made using honey from local beekeper Brian Bunter, oranges from the South West and rosemary from our home garden. Spring time offers up fresh strawberries, lemons and oranges from around Busselton while summer yields amazing local apricots, mulberries and figs as well as mangoes and rockmelons from northern WA all of which form part of the Sorbet range.
We stock gluten-free cones, other cones and cups.
The cafe also offers delicious Segafredo coffee (served with a complimentary home-made chocolate spoon during the winter months), home-made cakes, gluten-free brownies and Claudio Biscotti biscuits. Freshly made waffles are served up during the cold months.

Google Reviews

Emma Bennett
this is definitely a must to try one of their ice creams that are made on the property. It's absolutely yummy with its variety of flavours. Would send a photo but ate the ice cream instead
EQ MooMoo
Their gelato is made in fresh batches in store. They use local and seasonal produce to create delicious flavours free of preservatives and artificial colours. The staff is friendly, the choice of ice cream flavours is pretty decent. There is a white chocolate which is thick and creamy. The portion is generous as well. $5 for a scoop, $8 dollars for a double.
syauqi saidfudin
One of the best sorbet I've had! I ordered the frutty sundae and it was the flavours were fantastic! So smooth that it just makes everything delightful!
I've been to Busselton numerous times and this is the first being here. What have I been missing out on?! Staff were very friendly and for $8 by husband and I shared a double scoop in a cup. The ice-cream was delicious! There was room inside for us and our baby in a pram to sit in the cool on a very hot day of ironman weekend, minus all the flies! I think if it was advertised a bit more throughout the main street of Busso it would be packed. Don't bother driving out Margaret River way to bigger companies when you have this place right in town! We will definitely be back!
Vince Panatta
Great GELATO . Feels like ITALY,all made at the back of the shop.