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Hamelin Bay Beach

Open 24 Hours
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A visit to stunning Hamelin Bay is a must do on many a holiday schedule. A vast bay of bright white sand, turquoise waters filled with marine life and spectacular coastal cliff walks. Swimming, snorkeling, fishing, diving - you can do it all!

Come and meet the famous sting rays at Hamelin Bay. These beautiful creatures love to come to the shoreline to say hello to visitors.
For the bird enthusiasts! Walk to the freshwater lake near the caravan park and look for Waterbirds including Grey Teal, Purple Swamphen and Grebes. Collard Sparrowhawk and little Eagle have been seen here. Visit the beach for possible sightings of Hooded Plover. In summer, the Sanderling and Bridled Tern are welcome visitors! Hamelin Bay is home to a caravan park, small shop, public toilets and boat ramp.

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Google Reviews

Came here at around 1.30 pm the car park was very busy. Lucky that we got parking not too far away. I got to touch a smaller ray, I just waited and it came over and I was able to run my fingers on it. They’re magnificently graceful. I would highly recommend it. The beach was also beautiful with white sand. The water is chilly though even in summer. Lils S
This place is a must visit. When we arrived we were in awe of the beach but when we took a walk we saw sting rays swimming right up to the shore line. Their large ones were the most impressive they came so close to the shore that we could see them so clearly. Standing in the water they would swim by and tap your leg with their fins. There was about 8 there at the same time. The rocks in the center of the beach were cool to explore with the goggles. The beach had many cool rocks and shells to explore. Parking was easy and they had public showers and toilets to use. No dogs allowed on this beach don’t get a fine respect the rules. Carley Young
A beautiful beach! Gets a little busy but there is plenty of space. A good depth to swim in and be patient, the rays come right close to the shoreline! Meaghan McGill
Great beach. The sting Ray's are amazing. They are so friendly and come up to you. The water itself is so crisp and clear. Haytham Shaker
Absolutely stunning beach, the stingrays come right up to your feet in the shallows. Well worth a stop on any WA road trip. Public toilets and small shop on site with free parking. Claire Kyprianou
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