Hamelin Bay Beach

Star 4.7 (702 Google reviews)

A visit to stunning Hamelin Bay is a must-do on many a holiday schedule. A vast expanse of bright white sand, turquoise waters filled with marine life, and spectacular coastal cliff walks. The sheltered bay is great for swimming, snorkelling and fishing, and divers can explore the nearby shipwreck.
For the bird enthusiasts, walk to the freshwater lake near the caravan park and look for water birds including Grey Teal, Purple Swamphen and Grebes. Collard Sparrowhawk and little Eagle have been seen here. Visit the beach for possible sightings of Hooded Plover. In summer, the Sanderling and Bridled Tern are welcome visitors.

It's also possible that you will spot a stingray, as they sometimes swim close to the shoreline. Keep in mind that these are wild creatures, and maintain your distance to respect their space. 

 Hamelin Bay is home to a caravan park, small shop, public toilets and boat ramp.



Hamelin Bay Beach

Cape to Cape Walk Track, Boranup WA 6286, Australia


Star 4.7 (702 Google reviews)
Joshua Quirk 01 May 2022

Absolute drone fest. It’s a lovely spot to go for a swim or a fish, but there’s just too many drones up and down the beach from the boat ramp. Kinda spoils the serenity a bit. Other than that, the facilities are good. Nice clean shower (cold only) and toilets are fine too. There’s a kiosk on the camping area that you can pick up some bait from or an ice cream or two. Have fun! Yewww

Stephen Silich 09 August 2021

Wild winter weather. Stormy sea. Salt spray. Strong wind. Try a 10 km walk up the beach.

Derek Sheerin 09 March 2022

Another beautiful place to stop by and enjoy the beach and scenery. It is a very relaxing atmosphere and not too busy.

Karen Sipen 22 July 2021

Best beach in Augusta. It is most beautiful in Summer and it is a must visit place if you come down south. The old jetty makes it amazing and the Eagle Rays and the Manta Rays that swim around it makes it even better. The water is crystal clear and the sand is so soft. The only issue is how busy it gets. I recommend you come in the early morning because as the day goes on it gets busier and busier.