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Mr Barval Fine Wines



The smallest production winery on the most stunning location in Margaret River. Join husband and wife team at Mr Barval Fine Wines for a glass of wine or two overlooking the Calgardup lake. Create a gourmet platter with our selected local cheeses and produce or bring your own picnic.

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The philosophy behind our wines and driving our decisions for them is a very classical and traditional one. We are focused on the classic varieties of Margaret River – Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. We are aiming to produce the wines in a very traditional, old world manner to allow for their own individual voices to be heard most clearly, not to be the bearers of a heavy winery fingerprint. Purity of fruit, balance, elegance and delicacy. These are all focus points for our production. Doing everything possible to achieve fruit quality at harvest as close to perfection as possible is the cornerstone of our fine wines. We work with leading growers located on favourable vineyard sites and do everything we can to ensure the fruit that arrives at the winery is in optimum condition. So what does this mean exactly? It means that we only work with indigenous yeasts which arrive on the skin of the grapes and bunches from the individual vineyard where they were harvested and then are encouraged to ferment those very same grapes. Through using the traditional technique of making a petit cuvee where a crate or two of perfect bunches, with not a blemish on them, are selectively harvested a week or so prior to harvest and crushed, in this case by hand, and a small and strong ferment begins. This highly active indigenous yeast ferment is added to the rest of the grapes when they arrive at the winery and allows for a sometimes slow to initiate wild ferment to begin far more rapidly. To more practical matters, all of our fruit is processed in a basket press. This is the gentlest way of pressing grapes as there is no tumbling of stalks and skins involved which can extract harsh elements from the grapes themselves. The white grapes are all basket pressed as whole bunches with no destemming occurring at all. The resulting juice, whilst being lower in yield than if you were to destem the fruit, runs from the press truly bright and clear and is immediately transferred to barrels for ferment.

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Lilly Gherardi
One of the most beautiful places to have a glass of wine and cheese
Elise Chisholm
This place was a great diversion from our plans. The wine making practices do impact the pricing, but they’re interesting to learn about, and the difference in quality compared to more main stream wines is easily detectable. The wines taste incredibly clean. Suggest visiting and tasting some of these beautiful wines
Lauren de Courtenay
Fantastic staff and wines, would highly recommend!
Lisa Ethé
This was an amazing hidden find. Just pulled in on a very hot day and we're convinced, we couldn't have found a better place to stop, have a rest and amazing wines. Rob is extremely passionate about what he does and we enjoyed hearing his stories. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one of his rare Vermouth bottles. If you're in the area - Go visit!
R Smith
Very welcoming small winery to visit in Margaret River area. Rob was very informative and loved talking about the wines he is producing. We enjoyed every wine we tasted. We hope to see his wines in the UK before long.