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View their Facebook or Instagram page for locations and times.
View their Facebook or Instagram page for locations and times.
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American food done right, working with the best local ingredients and suppliers from the Margaret River Region.

Normal Van is an American style food van showcasing the Margaret River Region's best produce by supporting local merchants, farmers, and businesses.

The trailer is always on the move and changing locations and collaborating with their friends that are also doing new and exciting things! By supporting local they are all able to help each other continue showcasing the area and everything it offers. The food changes just about everyday as certain products come in and out of season or availability. Its all about never staying stagnant and keeping things interesting not just for them, but everyone who visits! Just about everything served is made from scratch, including their mustard and their smoked brisket.   

Its all about fun, easy food, done right!

Normal Van. Good Food.

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