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Pierro Margaret River Vineyards

Monday - Sunday: 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM
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The wines of Pierro are the culmination of passion, innovation, location, climate and time.

Wherever their wines are enjoyed around the world today they invariably impart a tangible trace of their idyllic place of origin – warm southern climes, ancient soils, healthful vines and years of skilled hands-on viticulture and winemaking. 

For over a quarter of a century they have strived to fuse these elements to produce superior wines of singular extraction, character and elegance. Their quest for heightened quality continues with each passing vintage. 

They are fortunate in that their beautiful Willyabrup vineyard is located in what is widely regarded as amongst the finest wine grape growing terrain in the world. Located in the heart of Western Australia’s renowned Margaret River wine region, this far-flung locality has a viticultural pedigree second to none. 

The district is situated in the continent’s deep south-west, a relatively young region unsullied by the impact of human population and development. Fresh air, clean seas, unspoiled country and fruitful earth have been simple, priceless qualities here for millennia. 

Surrounded by open water on three sides between capes Leeuwin and Naturaliste, the wine region is almost completely free of pollutants and contaminants. Year-round it is swept by pure, cool sea breezes, blowing in off the Indian and Southern Oceans. Mild, wet winters and sun-splashed summer seasons add to the viticultural equation.

A stable and predictable Mediterranean maritime climate is a vigneron’s dream-come-true, and Margaret River has this too. The vineyard is situated on the north-facing south bank of the Willyabrup Brook, a pristine freshet that meanders down its namesake valley to the sea. 

As is the case with many premier vineyards elsewhere in the world, the presence of this natural watercourse provides a nourishing life source for the vineyard. It is no coincidence that several of the State’s other premier vineyards and wineries are also situated in this gently undulating country by the brook. 

Couple this with soils ideally suited to the needs of classic varietal grapevines and they find themselves in a kind of viticultural paradise. Amid this marvellous terroir sits Pierro Margaret River Vineyards.

Their history is inextricably aligned with the emergence of Margaret River as one of the great young wine regions of the world. They couldn’t be located in a better grape growing or winemaking district if they tried!

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Google Reviews

Amazing experience and service at Pierro. Erica at the cellar door was full of great information and helped us learn a lot more about the region and its wine. Would highly recommend for red wine drinkers who want to get into whites. Best Chardy I have ever had. Mitch Nichols
Drove in for a tasting with friends. The lady serving us was extremely helpful, friendly and informative. Would highly recommend to others as the wines were outstanding and the service was personalised. Bojan Cica
Very nice staff and very very nice wines. Andrew Guy
Reasonable place, not much to look at, best to get in have a taste and move on to much prettier places. No food avalable. Know for its chardonnay. Ryan Michael
Flew all the way from Sydney to visit this place. The staff was so friendly. Love the white varieties here. Not much to do beside wine tasting though. Minh Pham
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