Our Lady of the Bay

Star 4.6 (13 Google reviews)

Our Lady of the Bay

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Our Lady of the Bay

West Busselton WA 6280


Star 4.6 (13 Google reviews)
Alvin Ko 20 March 2022

St Joseph in the city was not open for mass for Saturday mass and it's moved to St Mary's due to Covid restriction. This parish has ample parkings and surrounded with nature. Even saw 2 kangaroos at the back of the church. The priest manages both parishes. I went to the evening mass at 6pm. Beautiful music and homily. The church is spacious. Do pray for us. +

Helen Stronach 03 January 2021

Friendly and welcoming. It's wonderful to join in with Fr Jsybee's Mass.

Mona Damnjanovic 12 August 2020

Spacious, has very good sound system, community is fantastic!

Richard Smith 18 April 2019

A truly beautiful community to celebrate Mass with