Cosy Corner

Star 4.7 (106 Google reviews)

The beach at Cosy Corner is generally sheltered and is popular for swimming. The limestone platform on the beach to the south of the car park contains many blowholes able to spurt water up to 6m high on rough days.
Diving the sprinkling of islands offshore from Cosy Corner in the Ngari Capes Marine Park are surrounded by stunning reefs and drop-offs that are home to a myriad of colourful marine animals, including the giant blue groper. It is a perfect place for diving if you pick the right weather conditions and are prepared to lug heavy scuba equipment down the steep path.

Fishing Cosy Corner is popular with both beach and rock fishers but if you decide to try your hand fishing here, please do so with caution to ensure your personal safety. The rugged swells in this area occasionally wash fishers off rocks and result in fatalities. Always wear a personal flotation device when fishing from rocks and never fish alone.

This beach is accessible by two-wheel drive.



Cosy Corner

Hamelin Bay WA 6288, Australia


Star 4.7 (106 Google reviews)
josiah 17 January 2024

Amazing beach on a good day. Some of the clearest water I've ever seen. No-one there and and a really sheltered swimming area

kira 19 March 2024

Beautiful beach, the corner was cosy indeed.

Campbell Clan 08 April 2024

Nice little beach. Came down for a fish saw some big stinngas caught 1 eagle ray, 1 salmon and 3 herring, lots of people, the walk down wasnt to bad, but getting up could be difficult if not very mobile.

Kev Smith 10 May 2022

Amazing blowholes at the far end(part of the Cape to Cape walk) if you're lucky enough to visit when the tide is high enough. Beautiful sand and water, a non gazetted nudist beach if you like going bare!