Lake Cave

Star 4.7 (1230 Google reviews)
We are very excited to welcome visitors back to Lake Cave
The native forest surrounding the cave is regenerating beautifully and a superb new jarrah staircase descends through the enormous doline (sinkhole) towards the entrance of the cave. Lake Cave is the most 'actively dripping' cave in the southwest and its pristine chamber is a visually spectacular crystal wonderland. Fully guided tours will run daily at limited numbers, please book ahead to ensure your place

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Lake Cave

Open 9am-5pm, Fully guided tours will run daily at limited numbers, please book ahead to ensure your place
Lake Cave is a 20-minute drive south of Margaret River along Caves Road.
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Lake Cave is a stunning crystal wonderland, situated deep beneath the earth. The entrance of the cave lies at the base of a spectacular sinkhole. Inside the cave, dazzling crystal formations dominate the cave roof, while the unique 'Suspended Table' is perfectly reflected in the tranquil water below.
This cave is the most 'actively dripping' and deepest of the show caves in the southwest. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful limestone caves in Western Australia. Entry to the cave is through an enormous sinkhole and the unique 'Suspended Table' decoration make this cave a 'must see' attraction.

The native forest surrounding the cave is currently regenerating and reinventing itself following recent fires. Flourishing new growth lines the forest floor and green foliage climbs the trunks of the towering trees. For your safety and the protection of the recovering forest, please keep to the designated walking trails at all times.

Don’t forget to brush up on your cave knowledge at the interpretive centre, with information about the Leeuwin-Naturaliste caves, as well as fascinating insights into caves all over the world.



Lake Cave

Caves Rd &, Conto Rd, Forest Grove WA 6286, Australia


Star 4.7 (1230 Google reviews)
Markiel Giles Ramos 28 September 2022

Probably one of the most interesting caves in the Margaret River region. Although it’s a bit short under ground. At least its very informative. Of course as every cave in the region has, it must have a very long stairs down and you have to walk back up to the same way and there’s a total of 225 stairs so just be prepared. Took a bunch of photos about the cave as well as the lobby and it’s very interesting lobby I must say. It even has a mini design of the cave in doors. If you want a quick and interesting cave to visit, this is a must cave to go to.

Imz Raye 03 February 2023

Tom was an incredible tour guide, a champ and I enjoyed the tour and the back story about the caves and how they were formed! It was such a good experience especially it being my first time at MR! Definitely will be returning with more of my family! Amazing job guys!

Fraggle R 04 November 2022

Definitely put Lake Cave at the top of your list, when it comes to caves, this one is certainly special. There's over 300 steps down into the caverns but you can take your time coming back to the surface, plus there's a comfy lounge waiting for you & a huge selection of gifts for you to browse through afterwards. Chat to the wonderful staff about discounts to see other unique caves in the area also 😎

Ivanka Marincic 09 April 2023

We visited Jewel Cave first and kids loved it so much we went to lake straight after. Lots of stairs to walk down and up, so if you have bad knees you may reconsider ! Amazing sight inside , it's a short 1 hour tour and they are knowledgeable.