Lake Cave

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Please note that Lake Cave is currently closed following recent bushfires in the area.
There has been no damage to the cave and all of the stunning formations and stygofauna remain protected. The surrounding vegetation is expected to recover and eventually produce brilliant regrowth. All of the major infrastructure was saved thanks to all of the great teams involved. Unfortunately, sections of the boardwalk from the main building to the cave entrance have been damaged and we are working hard to make the necessary repairs, with an aim to reopen early July, 2022
In the meantime, we recommend that you visit the beautiful Mammoth, Jewel Cave or Ngilgi Cave.

Lake Cave

Please note that Lake Cave is currently closed following bushfires in the area.
Lake Cave is a 20-minute drive south of Margaret River along Caves Road.
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Lake Cave is a stunning crystal chamber, deep beneath the earth. Entry to this cave is from the floor of a sunken forest, surrounded by towering karri trees. Inside the cave, a tranquil lake mirrors the delicate crystal formations that grow from the cave roof, while the massive 'Suspended Table' hangs from the ceiling, almost touching the waters of the lake.
This cave is the most 'actively dripping' cave in the southwest, and it's the only cave on the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge that has a permanent lake. Lake Cave is also the deepest of the show caves on the ridge, and is without doubt one of the most beautiful limestone caves in Western Australia. The incredible entry through the sink-hole in the karri forest, and the unique 'Suspended Table' decoration make this cave a 'must see' attraction.

Above ground, admire the views from the Lake Cave Deck; a spectacular viewing platform in the treetops, suspended over the sunken entry to the cave. Don’t forget to brush up on your cave knowledge at the interpretive centre, with information about the Leeuwin-Naturaliste caves, as well as fascinating insights into caves all over the world.



Lake Cave

Caves Rd &, Conto Rd, Forest Grove WA 6286, Australia


Star 4.6 (993 Google reviews)
Ceri Wrobel 28 August 2021

We visited the Lake Cave yesterday and we were really pleased that we did. The exhibits in the reception area were really informative prior to our tour. The observation deck was beautiful and gave us a bird's eye view down to where our tour began. Andrew, our guide, was excellent and gave us an insight into how the cave formed and continues to grow with the flow of water. It was a chilly day so we really appreciated the log fire. All the staff were delightful and the facilities were excellent, well done and thankyou.

S.S 01 November 2021

My partner and I were blown away! We didn't know what to expect but it was a magical and sacred place. What a privilege to be able to see such a phenomenon.

Kat Corrie 02 August 2021

What a great cave!! It was a very beautiful walk, surrounded by beautiful greenery, grey/brown rocks, dark wood and blue sky’s really made the environment stunning. The guide was very knowledgeable and the experience of turning of the lights at the end was incredible. My only negative is that I don’t know if they had an Acknowledgment of Country anywhere, if they did it wasn’t easily spotted.. it would be really nice if local Indigenous Elders were part of the guide (if they wanted to be). It’s hard..I do always struggle with these beautiful sites. These are caves that our First Nations People lived in and/or used, whom were then forced to assimilate and leave, and now money is made to tell the stories of this land.

Alan Crook 08 November 2021

I really enjoyed this tour , my partner couldn't do it as it was to closed in for her ... a little bit of a climb ... 😊